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Horary Competition Results
Astro ResultsThe winners get their answers and the losers get some answers too, as Muqita covers some of the issues raised by our many querents.
Pendulum ChartThe pendulum is an ancient divination tool that was used by Egyptians, Chinese and Romans. Fans of the hit TV show "Charmed" might think they are only used for scrying for demons but really they can be used for many applications like finding your car keys, deciding what you should wear, finding water beneath the ground and even making a medical diagnosis of a patient's ailment.
Astrology: What it is and how it works
AstrologyAstrology is a form of divination that uses interpretative meanings given to planets, the moon and certain stars as a way of objectively analysing conditions and accurately predicting the future, given any time reference. Muqita demystifies this ancient science, explores its origins and explains the importance or birth charts.
Tarot - A picture says more than a thousand words
TarotMost people know of the tarot as a 'fortune-telling' tool but today it is increasingly used to gain information on a wide range of problems or issues that need clarity whether they be about work, relationships, spiritual direction, finances, legal matters or life purpose.
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