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Kip Mazuy   
Wednesday, 04 November 2009
4 Easy Meditation Techniques Guaranteed to Make You BlissfulEven though there are hundreds of thousands of books written on meditation, you really need to know very little to enter deep states of meditation. You are about to learn four easy meditation techniques any of which can bring you into very deep states of peace & bliss.

Practicing one of these techniques for even 10 minutes a day can bring you a lot of peace and bliss into your life. Practicing a half hour, even more bliss. An hour a day would be life changing.

Whatever time you have, practice one of these techniques rather than read books on meditation. For it is the practice of the meditation technique that will make you blissful. Even if you try it for 5 minutes, that is great.

Let's begin...

The first meditation technique is a breathing technique. Because the breath is an easy tool to very quickly make you feel blissful in meditation.

Sit down, close your eyes, and breathe in through your nose silently counting to three. And exhale again through your nose, silently counting to six. Repeat. You are breathing out twice the length that you are breathing in. That means you are breathing a lot of air in for 3 and slowly drawing that breath out counting to 6.

Within a few minutes of practicing this breathing meditation technique you should feel very blissful.

The second meditation technique is also an easy breathing technique.

Sit down, close your eyes and breathe normally through your nose. Keep your attention on the sensation of your breath. Follow the feeling of your breath moving in through your nose, down your throat and into your chest. Then follow the feeling of the breath moving up your chest, past your throat and out your nose.

Keeping your attention on your breath this way means you are not keeping your attention on your thinking. Thoughts will slow down and your natural state of peace and bliss will begin to reveal itself.

The third meditation technique is to breathe up your spine.

Sit down, close your eyes and breathe normally through your nose. But as you inhale, focus your breath starting at the base of your spine and moving up the spine out the top of your head. Then simply exhale and relax.

You do not have to visualize anything nor force anything. But simply as you inhale let your focus move from the base of your spine up your spine and out the top of your head (known as the crown chakra.)

You might not feel anything at first. But soon you will begin to feel a tingling move up your spine. And then that tingling will begin to feel very pleasurable.

This will require a little more practice but it is an easy way to awaken what is called your kundalini and move the subtle energy up your spine. This meditation technique can make you very blissful.

The fourth meditation technique is one of my favourites.

Sit down, close your eyes as before and breathe normally again through your nose.

But as you inhale, silently repeat to yourself "I am."

As you exhale, notice the sensation that you exist in this moment. Notice the feeling of "I am."

If you close your eyes and either stop thinking for a second or turn your attention away from thinking, you will still notice the sensation that you exist in this moment. A feeling of being. Not being something, but simply being. You may associate it as the sensation of your body. Notice this sensation.

Do not try and add anything to this. Because it is not to be a someone or a something, it is to simply notice the feeling beyond thought that you exist. That "you are."

You may not get it at first. But if you stick with it, silently repeating "I am" with your inhale and then on the exhale noticing the feeling that you are, you will begin to experience something very profound. Something that will open up to you incredible states of peace and bliss.

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