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Susan Zummo   
Wednesday, 15 October 2008

7 Steps to Change a Negative EnvironmentIf all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too? Were you ever asked that question by your parents? As a teenager I ignored my parents implied warning and followed my friends into all types of adventures. As an adult, I'm now ready to admit that my parents were wise to recognise that the company we keep does influence our environment and our choices.

The thoughts, feelings and actions of my friends (what my parents called "peer pressure”) created a powerful energy that I could actually feel. My parents' assumption that associating with the "wrong crowd" would lead me into trouble was true because of the way in which Environmental Energetics (also known as the Law of Attraction) operates. The people and situations we draw into our lives will resonate to some aspect from deep within and eventually have an impact on us as well.

What I couldn't accept as a teenager, and what we fail to recognise, is that the environment (and the people in it) has an influence on us. We feel that impact on multiple levels whether we are aware of it or not. The first level of influence is felt energetically, then emotionally and mentally and finally as physical events.

Here's an example to illustrate my point. A friend of mine purchased a home in a quiet area, moved in and settled down. About a year later there was a rash of car vandalisms in the surrounding neighbourhoods although nothing happened on my friend's block.

Some months later, her home was broken into and she had money and personal items stolen. The culprits were never found, but she installed an alarm system and things settled down again. Six months later she there was another attempted robbery. Although the thieves didn't get into her home, her house was damaged in the attempt and had to have costly repairs.

After each experience, my friend made an effort to look within and find the lesson to be learned. She also took the time to expand her own light energy and project positive loving thoughts into her surroundings. My friend didn't think to look for a connection or greater pattern since these incidents happened over a long period of time. Once she stopped and looked at her experiences in a greater context she realised that the surrounding neighborhoods had shifted even if hers hadn't. She was now aware of how these changes had impacted her life.

Now there was a choice to be made. My friend's choice was to move to another area or take action and improve the neighbourhood by doing things like organising neighbours and working with police, and. Now she had the opportunity and obligation to exercise her free will and choose how she would impact her environment. Like my friend, we must be aware of the Environmental Energetics created by the people around us or we will have to experience the consequences of their choices whether we like them on not.

Like Attracts Like
Environmental Energetics says that we have something in common with those who share our experience - like attracts like. So the longer we remain in the presence of negative people the more negative experiences we will have and eventually our energy and outlook will be pulled downward. We will become as negative in our thoughts and emotions as our environment.

That's why it's so important to surround yourself with people of like mind and vibration to recharge your batteries and support you on your path. After being submerged in the energies of those with low self-esteem, poor health or high levels of anxiety, your personal environment must be cleansed and renewed with positive energy to maintain your light and health.

Some quick and effective methods for clearing your energy field include:

  1. Listening to soothing music
  2. Soaking in an aromatic bath with scented essential oils of your choice such as lavender, rose or citrus
  3. Sitting quietly in prayer or meditation while focusing on an uplifting word such as peace or love
  4. Dancing or singing around the house will bring joy into the environment
  5. Energetic cleansing may also be accomplished through the use of crystals, tuning forks or energy healing treatments such as Soma Pi™ or Reiki.

Change your environment
If you work in a negative environment, it is vital to keep your thoughts and emotions as positive as possible all the time. It is much harder to lift up negative thoughts and feelings than it is to drag down positive ones. So what can you do if you have the desire and self discipline to create change in your surroundings?

1.    Do not participate in any negative situations (gossiping, complaining, entertaining angry thoughts and feelings). Temporarily remove yourself if necessary by going for a walk or picking up an inspiring article to read.

2. Do keep a positive outlook at all times. Look for something you can like or respect in every person. Assume that things will always come to the best possible conclusion. Smiling at the people in your life will lift your spirits and their mood as well.

3. Imagine how you want your day or surroundings to be - visualise it in detail. Keep coming back to your visualisation throughout the day to reinforce your vision. Notice little details each time you return to your vision to help remember what your real goal.

4. Be aware of your inner thoughts, feelings and reactions so that you can immediately change them into positive loving experiences. Our minds respond will to picture words so substituting a positive image for the negative one will do the trick nicely.
5. Inhale slowly and exhale from your heart centre to expand your energy out into the environment. Contracting or pulling inward doesn't keep negativity away from you; it actually allows negative energy to come closer.

6. Connect with people and situations that embody your desired end result. If that's not possible at the moment, read books, listen to music and watch shows that support your vision. Flood your environment with the images, sounds and smells of what you want to create a realistic feeling for your new experience. Hypnotists know that the body and mind will react as if the changes have already occurred.

7. Set a realistic deadline for your desired changes to take place. Although miracles can and do happen every day, don't set yourself up for disappointment by expecting to undo years of habit in a single week. Everyone learns and grows and changes at their unique pace. Honor your process without judgement.

You may want to consider a change of location or situation if you have not seen marked improvement by your deadline. Remember we can never bend the will of another to ours with good result. If the people around you choose not to change, then release them gracefully and accept the opportunity to move on.

Opportunities for change will present themselves if you are following the seven steps above and your neighbours are unwilling or unable to take the leap with you. Don't be afraid to move forward. Environmental Energetics operates on the principle that there will be support for you in the new place too.

Our parents were right-on in their wisdom about the friends we keep. They really can drag you down and get you into trouble if you choose to associate with them long enough. Or they can lift us up and support our dreams with love and positive thoughts.

So take a moment to look around and ask yourself if you'd jump off a bridge with the people in your life. Your honest answer will tell you all you need to know.

Susan Zummo is a highly motivated and qualified teacher of higher awareness. She is a certified Perceptive Awareness Technique, Inc. (P.A.T.) facilitator, Integrated Awareness graduate, Soma Pi™ healing practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Interfaith Minister. With over 20 years of experience, Susan has been helping clients connect with their Higher Mind through Intuitive Counseling sessions, P.A.T. seminars and healing workshops.

Susan became a P.A.T. facilitator eight years ago and has helped many students gain access to their intuition via soul contact. Her teachings have helped her workshop attendees to reinforce their belief in self and their connection to a higher source. Her workshop participants regard her as one of the most committed and positive spiritual teachers they have had the fortune to meet.

Susan's professionalism and compassion are her trademarks. Most of her students come to her through the glowing recommendations of former students. For more information on classes and private sessions contact Susan by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it on line at:

Copyright, Susan Zummo, 2008

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