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Gregory Grove   
Friday, 22 June 2007


If someone were to suggest to you that a piece of wire has an invisible, energetic body, you would most likely give them a strange look and nervously change the subject.

But what happens when you pass an electric current through that piece of wire? An invisible magnetic field forms around it. Nobody really understands what either electricity or magnetism is, but we have a grasp of their characteristics and we can manipulate them.

The flow of electricity has a direct effect on the magnetic field and changes in the magnetic field affect the flow of electricity.

This is a useful analogy for the human body.

If we consider the electricity flowing through the wire to be equivalent to the life force flowing through our bodies (not to mention the impulses that continuously travel along our millions of nerves) we can easily grasp the concept that we too have an invisible energetic body that surrounds and permeates our bodies.

Changes in the physical body affect the energetic body and vice versa.

We know the sorts of things that can affect our physical body – overindulgence, smoking, lack of exercise and so on, but what affects our energetic body (sometimes called the aura)? Things like too much stress, anxiety, repressed anger and depression disrupt the energy flow and will eventually affect the physical body.

So what can we do to maintain our energetic body in good condition?

Work done by Dr. Emoto of Japan suggests some fascinating possibilities.

By means of freezing, Dr. Emoto created water crystals which were photographed under a microscope. Prior to creating the crystals, Dr. Emoto subjected the water samples to various energies. He used a variety of methods – different types of music, prayer, Reiki, recordings of speeches, labels with different words stuck on the bottles of water and so on.
The results were astonishing.

Samples that were subjected to “positive” energies formed beautiful, symmetrical crystals. Samples that were subjected to “negative” energies formed jagged and asymmetrical crystals. Often these influences were no more than the word “love” or “hate” written on a label and stuck on the bottle of water.

The human body is about 65% water. The quality of your thoughts has a direct influence on your energetic body and thus on the “beauty” of your water. Every smile you give improves the quality of your energy and demonstrably, at least 65% of your body.  Every malicious thought has the opposite effect.

So maybe, instead of asking someone: “how are you?” we should ask them (and ourselves): “how’s your water?”

Gregory Grove is a Reiki Master and a certified Life Coach who works in the Johannesburg area. You can learn more about him and the work he does at Contact him on 082 927 2300 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
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