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7 Steps to Change a Negative Environment
7 Steps to Change a Negative EnvironmentYour environment can be altered by the way you think about it or the company we keep. By maintaining awareness of the tone of your thoughts and the influences of your friends, you can surround yourself with positive energy – and see the results.
What is a Yoga Lifestyle?
What is a Yoga Lifestyle?Yoga is about so much more than assuming a selection of poses, or even meditation. It also incorporates an ethos for living – “perfection in action”. A Boston yogi explains how perfect actions are beneficial to someone, and harm no one.
Top Ten Reasons to Adopt the Law of Gratitude
Top Ten Reasons to Adopt the Law of GratitudeIf you make a point of being grateful for everything that you have, every day, you'll have a positive outlook on life, but the “Law of Gratitude” has some surprising side benefits as well.
Chakra Meditation to Bring Balance to Life
Chakra Meditation to Bring Balance to LifeThe chakra points move energy between the physical, astral and mental body. Use this simple meditation to bring balance to the chakras. You’ll feel the difference.
Breaking the Law
Breaking the LawWe can all use the Law of Attraction to welcome positive energy into our lives in order to achieve our goals. Here are five common mistakes that hinder the effectiveness of this process.
Meditation and Self-Hypnosis: Get the Best Out of Both
Meditation And Self-Hypnosis: Get the best out of bothBoth meditation and self-hypnosis take us out of our day-to-day consciousness and can bring about positive change. Blending the wisdom of both paths can broaden your practice of either and have amazing results.
7 Tips For Spirituality, Making A Connection
7 Tips For Spirituality, Making A ConnectionSeven tips for improving spirituality in people’s lives emerged from an addictions therapist’s work in recovery therapy. Anyone who is searching for a connection or some meaning can use these tips to enhance their lives.
Train Your Brain to Visualise in Ten Easy Steps
Train Your Brain to Visualise in Ten Easy StepsVisualisation is the process of focussing your mind on something you want to achieve as if it was actually happening to you. This focussed energy can cause your desires to manifest. But some people find it difficult to express what they want in images. Here are ten steps to train your brain to summon your heart’s desires.
Three Keys to Creating a Sacred Meditation Space
Creating a Sacred Meditation SpaceTo extract the true benefits of meditation, your practice must be ongoing and consistent. One of the most important ways to help achieve this is to set up a meditation space in your home. This can be achieved in three easy steps.
The Power of Mantras
The Power of MantrasMantras, with their ability to still the busiest mind, are a simple and powerful tool in meditation. The word Mantra can be translated as ‘Manas’ meaning ‘mind’, and ‘Tra’ meaning ‘try’ or ‘to free from’, a Mantra therefore is a tool used by the mind to free oneself from the mind. Here are some simple ones to try out.
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