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How Did Your Valentines Heart Do?
How Did Your Valentines Heart Do? So another Valentines day has gone by – how did your heart fare?  Did it want to chomp its way through every chocolate heart it saw?  In other words, was your heart hungry and did you land up feeding it with food?  More importantly in which ways did feeding it in this way help and in which ways did it not?
Dream Analysis Working With Your Dreams
Dream Analysis  Working With Your DreamsWe dream our most vivid dreams during a phase of our sleep known as REM. During this period our subconscious is active, almost like when we experience deep meditation, and it is during this phase that we experience emotions that may be unexpressed, we receive messages from our Guides and also loved ones that have passed on and we are sometimes able to view events that are still to come.
What You Say Is What You Get: The Power Of Affirmations
What You Say Is What You Get: The Power Of AffirmationsThe words you say have a profound effect on your life. Affirmations are positive statements designed to create the life you want. Learn to use affirmations to assist you in creating the life you deserve. Affirmations are statements of what you want in your life. Affirmations reflect the spiritual law of perfection everywhere now. They are based on Spiritual Truth not your current experience of life.
Stopping & Seeing
Stopping & Seeing The Chinese often used simple and ordinary Chinese words to translate Indic Buddhist terms. I find it particularly interesting that they translated the words for "concentration" and "insight" as "stopping" and "seeing." As important as the words "concentration" and "insight" are in Buddhist practice, they can also be problematic. They suggest capacities that we develop over time, and so are not necessarily available or even relevant to the present moment.
PatienceIn our busy lives, we may easily overlook the value of patience in our quest for accomplishment, efficiency and fulfilment. When we recognize that clear seeing, peace, compassion and love are quite different from, even incompatible with, compulsive behaviour and reactions, the value of patience becomes apparent.
Walking Meditation - How to do it
Walking MeditationMost people in the West associate meditation with sitting quietly but traditional Buddhist teachings identify four meditation postures: sitting, walking, standing and lying down. In meditation centres and monasteries, indoor halls and outdoor paths are often built for walking meditation and on meditation retreats, regular walking meditation is an integral part of the schedule. Buddhist teacher Gil Fronsdal guides us on how to do it.
Meditating to Mozart
RequiemThe benefits of meditating to Mozart are well documented. In this article Steven Henson explores the source of inspiration and the beauty behind Mozart's greatest work, The Requiem.
LabyrinthLabyrinths are universal archetypal tools used to enhance and bring clarity to one's life. Walking one or using a finger labyrinth will help one to find a place of renewal and self illumination. Despite their popularity in medieval European churches and cathedrals labyrinths have no religious connotations, they are merely spiritual tools.
Intuition in Business
Intuition ManBusiness speaks an analytical language that is linear and directed. It is a linguistics punctuated by tangibles, numbers and profits. Yet complex and fast moving business environments may prove the intangible more valuable. In a world of demanding decision making, intuition is becoming more important to business leaders.
Sacred Circle: Uncovering the Mandala
MandalasCreating mandalas is a wonderful meditation tool that can reveal your hidden secrets and help you to connect to the wisdom that flows within us all. Tibetan monks use mandalas on their path to enlightenment and Carl Jung used them as an integral part of his therapy. Read all about their power, meaning and learn how to do them yourself.
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