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Timeless Awareness - A Self-Guided Meditation Print E-mail
Joel Bruce Wallach   
Wednesday, 29 July 2009
The modern world is so fast-paced that the feeling you experience each day is one of pressure. Much of this is a time-pressure, because the seeming need to pack so many events into one day creates a continual feeling that there is never enough time.

The opposite of this pressure is the expanded state of no-time - the timeless realm. This timeless realm is not a place. It is a state of awareness. It is something you can feel - a texture, or sensation, that is subtle and yet truly calming and invigorating. The timeless state is healing to your body, mind, and soul.

When you take yourself through the self-guided meditation, let the words flow gently through your body and mind. Even if you read the meditation silently, actually imagine the words speaking within you, guiding you from within. This helps you guide yourself into the timeless state, and feel it as a real feeling that helps you release the pressure. This helps you discover a deeper, calmer self - the self that you had only dreamed existed.

There are safety features built into this meditation. You will stay in present time, even though you are feeling the vast timeless energy. You will stay grounded in your body, even though you are discovering a relaxing and expansive feeling.

The Timeless Awareness Self-Guided Meditation:

  • Welcome to this moment. You are safely centered within your body throughout this meditation. 

  • You are breathing slowly and mindfully, from moment to moment, so that each breath safely aligns you with Present Time.

  • And now, the timeless doorway opens before you. Yet you remain comfortably centered within your body. And you remain stable within the present moment. And yet, you sense an expanse of timeless reality opening up before you.

  • While your awareness remains safely in your body, one of your hands gently reaches through the doorway to touch the timeless realm. As you reach through the doorway, you notice an unusually pleasing sensation. It is the subtle shift of textures on your hand. And you recognize that you are learning to sense the feeling of the timeless realm.

  • As the time doorway opens wider, your hand feels time expanding. As if you have all the time in the world. As your hand reaches into the timeless realm, remembering that you are safely grounded in your body in each moment.

  • Touch the timeless space, move gently, and explore the timeless texture - the feel of timelessness. It is subtle, yet you learn much each moment that you explore.

  • You discover that you have the time, the room, and the freedom to discover subtle feelings, textures, memories, hopes, visions, and possibilities. These notions flow into your mind, for you have touched the realm of such possibilities.

  • You comfortably bring some of this expansive timeless feeling through your hand, and into your body. Though it feels expansive, and little bubbles of delight are emerging within you, you are breathing easily, and centered in your body. Your experience feels integrated, comfortable, and stable from moment to moment.

  • What does the texture of time feel like? Maybe you feel the shifting textures and energies in your body, and perhaps that is where the answer is. For time is not something you can see. Yet the timeless texture is something you can feel, like a whiff of a subtle scent. You may not know exactly what it is, but it moves you in a wonderfully subtle way.

  • What subtle shifts in your understanding are happening within your mind and body? When you have touched the timeless expansion, you learn about the feeling of possibilities. You become familiar with the spacious quality where you have the time to be. You have the comfortable secure feeling that you can breathe easily and naturally.

  • Throughout this meditation, you are safely centered in the present, and you realize that you can touch timelessness while being safely centered. And this gives you a new understanding. And yet the timeless realm was always available to you. Yet now, you recognize it, and will be able to touch it again when you wish to.

  • You now know that you can easily and securely reach into the timeless realm, for the gift of the timeless brings you a taste of what you have been wanting - the time, and the space, and the freedom to be, to think, to feel, to create, to love, and to live fully.

  • And you can have this freedom, in this moment, in this breath, in this world. It is yours to enjoy. To have. To rediscover. In each magical moment when you choose it. Right now.

  • And now. . . and now. . . and now.

You have completed this meditation, and you can congratulate yourself. You have taken a step towards balancing your energy. You now realize that you have more control over that modern pressured feeling than you had realized was possible. This realisation may allow a satisfied smile to emerge within you, and that would be a wonderful thing.

Joel Bruce Wallach creates richly evocative healing music that touches your soul. The magical musical vibrations bring you the energies of timeless reverie, fantasy, and spiritual healing. You can download his mp3 piano music collection, Time Troubadour, here:

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