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Complementary Peace(s)
Complementary Peace(s) - image by daphne01 ( is my mission, my passion, my fun. I have files of peace quotes. I've written a theatre piece about the women who've won the Nobel Peace Prize. I'd love to make a big enough difference for peace on this planet that I could win it! So you can imagine my delight, I'm sure, when the Global Peace Index was rolled out all over the world.
Sacred Space, Sacred Place
Sacred Space, Sacred PlaceMany are realising the benefits of a sacred space as a place for spiritual development and peace. Setting aside a special place in our homes to meditate, relax and connect with our higher selves helps us to include spiritual development into our daily lives while balancing the demands of everyday.
The Ley Line Enigma
Ley LineThe alignment of places of spiritual significance has fascinated the world since their discovery in the early 20th century. There has been much speculation on theories behind this alignment; are they evidence of prehistoric trade routes, UFO navigation markers, the earth's energy lines or paths of the dead?
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