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How Does Hypnosis Work?
How Does Hypnosis Work? - image by hisks ( itself has probably been around since the beginning of time, at least in terms of self-hypnosis! The most curious question surrounding hypnosis though, is - how does this fascinating and potentially powerful therapy really work?
Alternative Medicine - Is It Really Worth The Risk?
Alternative Medicine - Is It Really Worth The Risk?There has been a surge in recent years of people looking to alternative medicine for treatment of illness. It is a practice that generates a great deal of controversy both inside and outside of the traditional world of medicine, and an issue that some experts say does not receive enough attention.
Reflexology - Its All About the Qi
Reflexology - Its All About the Qi - image by - NexusJay ( to Chinese medical theory, illness arises when the cyclical flow of qi in the meridians becomes unbalanced or is blocked. Reflexology is a powerful way to release these blocks, improve the flow of qi, rebalance the qi in the body, and improve your health.
Clean Your Mind of these 5 Life Problems with Hypnosis
Clean Your Mind of these 5 Life Problems with HypnosisHypnosis can help to combat a number of common life problems including helping you to quit smoking, lose weight, beat stress and feel better about yourself. Here we tackle some of the popular areas where hypnosis can be of assistance.
EFT – How to Train your Fingers to Perform Therapy
EFT – How to Train your Fingers to Perform TherapyEFT is an alternative psychotherapy that is often referred to as energy psychology, it stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. The basic concept is that negative emotions are the result of disruptions in the body’s energy system that can be released with self administered acupressure.
Is Hypnosis Harmful? - Saying Goodbye to the Myths That Surround the Practice
Is Hypnosis Harmful? - Saying Goodbye to the Myths That Surround the PracticeHypnosis may be an alternative therapy you're interested in trying but you've heard the myths that surround the practice and so you hesitate. The question you would like to have answered is a simple one - is hypnosis harmful or not? Separating what is true from what is not isn't always easy.
Soul Retrieval
Soul RetrievalSoul retrieval – a contemporary therapeutic practice rooted in the 50,000 year old tradition of shamanism - is attracting significant attention in the modern Western world as the holistic healthcare movement continues to gather force.
Interview: Dr Masaru Emoto on the Emotional Memory of Water
Dr EmotoDr Masaru Emoto conceived the concept of Hadotherapy, which is healing people using water that has been charged with emotion. He recently visited South Africa and Harmonious Living took the opportunity to talk to him about his work.
Tapping My Way to Emotional Freedom
Tapping My Way to Emotional FreedomHarmonious Living’s editor tried out an EFT session to learn what she could about this new form of energy-based self actualisation.
Homeopathic Flu Fighters
Homeopathic Flu FightersIt’s winter again, and the threat of flu is looming in the air. Everyone is coming down with it, so it’s time to start looking at your health and taking precautions to boost your immune system.
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