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Becca Scott   
Wednesday, 07 October 2009
Clean Your Mind of these 5 Life Problems with HypnosisHypnosis works quickly in combating problem habits and challenges by directly accessing the subconscious where habits are formed and barriers to progress are protected.

Many of the bad habits we struggle to shake don’t go away because we don’t eradicate the habit itself. Exorcism has to take place in our subconscious mind, but this is protected by our conscious mind. The answer is to find a way past the gatekeeper and this is exactly the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help to combat a number of common life problems including helping you to quit smoking, lose weight, beat stress and feel better about yourself. Here we tackle some of the popular areas where hypnosis can be of assistance.

Quit Smoking

Hypnosis works at the subconscious level so you perceive yourself as a non-smoker. The treatment effectively teaches the mind how to reduce, and eventually eradicate, cravings. The hypnotist can work to alter the subconscious mind so it becomes like that of a non-smoker. Healthy thoughts can be placed into the mind that will erase and override unhealthy thoughts of smoking cigarettes.

This beneficial method of treatment can also be used to discover why the patient smokes in the first place, although this does not necessarily determine success except in extreme cases. The negative pattern of thinking can be stripped away and replaced with positive thoughts. Hypnosis also works to build the motivation level of the individual and to give them a greater level of confidence.

Weight Loss

Using hypnosis for weight loss begins by changing the relationship the person has with food. It asks what motivates the person to eat more than they require? Once the cause can be uncovered then the hypnotherapist can work with the patient to develop healthier ideas and habits as they relate to food and eating in general.

Many people succumb to emotional or binge eating when they are suffering with issues elsewhere in their life. These issues can usually be addressed through hypnosis, and this helps the patient follow their prescribed diet plan and exercise regime. The patient can then work towards a better self-image and a feeling of empowerment.

Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress contributes to serious health issues as they both place a strain on our bodies making them susceptible to illness. Relief can be found through hypnosis.

Once the hypnotherapist uncovers the source of issue(s) then the patient can be taught how to cope with the stress or anxiety. It’s important to note that stress and anxiety cannot be eradicated as there will always be some stress in our life, but learning how to cope so it doesn’t encumber our every thought is the goal of hypnosis.


Along with stress, lack of self-esteem seems to be the bane of our modern lives. Much of our negative thoughts come from not valuing our self-worth.

Having high self-esteem means your internal self-picture is strong and full of spirit. If your self-esteem could use some bolstering because you have suffered some setbacks, then use hypnosis to replace the negative mindset you currently have with an empowering attitude regarding self-respect, dignity and an appreciation of who you are.


Self-confidence means having faith in your own potential, in the decisions you make and in your ability to move forward in your own life. Not everyone’s level of self-confidence is the same nor does it remain at the exact same place throughout a person’s life.

Building confidence through hypnosis is used to help people be the best they can be. This can be everything from impressing your boss and colleagues to high achievers in sports performance.

It involves finding the root cause of the lack of self-confidence, which can be related to bad life experiences, disappointments, failures, etc., and then replacing a negative self-image with a strong positive picture.

Hypnosis can help with many problematic areas of a person’s life and can put an end to bad habits, and replace them with new habits that reflect positive and healthy changes. When you attend hypnosis therapy sessions always bear these three significant words in mind - breathe, relax and experience.  

Becca Scott writes extensively about hypnosis and alternative health topics. Becca is currently investigating the alternative health industry and you can read how to stay healthy with her secrets at
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