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Becca Scott   
Wednesday, 23 September 2009
EFT – How to Train your Fingers to Perform TherapyEFT is an alternative psychotherapy that is often referred to as energy psychology. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.

The basic concept is that negative emotions are the result of disruptions in the body’s energy system. To release the negative and pent-up emotions that can lead to more serious health problems, a type of psychological acupressure is done which can be self administered.

The Emotional Freedom Technique is a relatively new form of alternative medicine that got its start in 1993 by Gary Craig. EFT was adapted from Thought Field Therapy which is a treatment that was discovered in the 1980’s by the psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan.
The practice uses the same energy points as acupuncture – minus the needles. All that is required to do EFT is the tapping of your fingertips on various areas of the face and body. Acupuncture uses meridian points and so does EFT. Simple tapping can be used to release blockages of energy that are causing negative and self defeating emotions.

This is a new field of therapeutic study and like many techniques not based on medical science has received a fair amount of scoffing and derogatory remarks from the traditional medical profession.

The basic technique of EFT is elementary in nature and very simple to do which makes it easy for anyone to perform. There are 12 points on the human body and by tapping these and zeroing in on the negative emotion or the problem you are encountering in your life, you can neutralize the negative and restore equilibrium to your body’s energy field.

According to the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Some people choose an affirmation or focusing phrase for themselves they speak out loud while they are performing the tapping technique.

EFT has been used to relieve stress and to help cope with negative emotions such as fear, depression, sadness, anxiety or anger. It can also be a way to reduce pain and help fight habits such as smoking and food cravings that have led to weight gain.

In a sense EFT provides a type of distraction from the negative emotion(s) that the individual is experiencing. This helps to negate the damaging process of thought that is swirling through the person’s brain.

It has been mentioned that EFT tapping is similar in nature to acupuncture but it has traits in common with other types of alternative therapies as well. It is similar to hypnotherapy in that the power of the mind is being leveraged while energy in the body is being accessed. Indeed, many therapeutic hypnotists have embraced EFT into their practice as a technique they can teach clients to reinforce the private sessions.

Proponents of the technique consider it similar to the impact of counseling, but counseling done by self with a physical component added to it.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a way to restore a positive energy flow into your system and eradicate negative emotions and barriers that are holding you back. Simple to learn and implement it can provide a focus for anybody wishing to create a sense of well-being.

Becca Scott writes extensively about hypnosis and alternative health topics. Becca is currently investigating Alternative Health Therapy and Remedies and you can read how to get and stay healthy with her secrets at
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