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Ceri Balston   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008
Dr Emoto
Dr Emoto
Q: You’re famous for developing the technique for taking pictures of water crystals. I’ve read that you did this to prove your theory of an alternative healing philosophy which you call Hado, Can you tell us a little bit about how you became interested in alternative healing and where your journey started?

Dr Masaru Emoto: Twenty-one years ago I established a company to import medical and healing devices from the United States and was travelling between Japan and the United States. I was meeting very interesting people in that area, and among those people I met were a homeopathy specialist and a water specialist. I was very attracted by these two different theories in philosophy and decided to put them together. After combining these two theories and methods I decided to call this Hadotherapy. In seven or eight years the total number of people I’ve seen is around ten thousand. I contributed a lot in the recovery of people who were suffering from cancer and chronic diseases and as a result I published eleven books explaining this method. Since this theory was not based on medical knowledge, people in conventional medicine or science don't agree with me. To prove water can keep memory to those people who are non-believers I came up with the idea to freeze water in crystal form. This was after seeing a book with many beautiful snowflakes in 1994. After the success of capturing water crystals in the pictures I compiled all the data for five years and in 1999 I published the book “Messages from Water”.
Q: I understand when you write a word in the water and make crystals you’ll take fifty pictures and then determine which one represents the theme best?

Dr Masaru Emoto: Even though we make fifty samples we probably capture photographs of only twenty or thirty, because many times they don’t form any crystals. Of course it has to be subjective because I use my intuition in the procedure and I love anything that has beauty in it so I try to select the most beautiful one in my eyes. I’m positive that I’m one of the most standard type human beings, what I select must match the idea of the general public who are in a collective consciousness, that’s why I’m the only one who has been selecting one photograph out of fifty samples.
Q: Has anyone else replicated your experiment and your results?
Dr Masaru Emoto: Some people started doing the same experiment but I haven’t heard of anyone successfully doing it as we have. We really welcome anyone who would like to study and learn with us but no one has come to ask for any guidance or directions and are doing it their way. I first need to train my staff how to become very good photographers or observers of crystals. This is because their intention and the state of their mind or heart is very important and the purer their hearts are, the better and more neutral the picture will be. I don’t think anyone who’s doing the same research is aware of this importance. In Japanese there is a saying, "Only one precious encounter in one lifetime,” so every moment you are encountering those crystals you have to treasure and really understand how precious it is, you always have to be in the purest state of mind.
Q: Your photography of the water crystals have revealed some remarkable results and have provided for the first time, according to you and many others who are fans of your work, visible evidence of the power of emotions on matter, specifically water. Can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve discovered and how our emotions affect the water and subsequently ourselves?
Dr Masaru Emoto: We’ve been doing this research for many years, and to sum up everything we’ve done, we’re very positive that exposing orders to any negative energy, thoughts, words, music, photographs or pictures might not create beautiful crystals. However the other way around is if we exposed water to beautiful pictures or positive words, thoughts, prayer or beautiful music then this might tell us what made beautiful crystal forms. I contributed this to the world to make people have a better understanding of the power of consciousness.
Q: What can we learn from these images as we see that emotions, words and pictures have a profound affect on water and as we are 70% water, what message is there for us?
Dr Masaru Emoto: A Greek philosopher said that water is the source of everything, so all the phenomena in this universe are the work of water. The water can show us the result of our state of mind if we give positive thoughts or feeling to it or to all the phenomena in the universe. As a result it can show us beautiful things but we’re not seeing everything that is beautiful in the world. That could be the result of our thoughts as water is the source of everything, everything is created by water and water is the thing that we human beings give most impact to. I always say water is a mirror of the human heart.
Q: I read a little bit in your book about the power of prayer and it comes across that you’re a deeply spiritual person and that the power of prayer and positive emotions played an important role in your life.  Can you tell us a bit about how you feel prayer affects us?       
Dr Masaru Emoto: To tell you the truth I was not a very spiritual person in the past, I have never done or offered any prayer at all. After studying water for many years I got this teaching that our prayer can really affect matters from the water itself. For twelve years I’ve been contacting and organising many events offering prayer to the water and taking photographs of water before and after our prayer, then showing and offering them to the people of the world.

There was a giant rainbow that appeared above a lake in Russia after a ceremony of ours. At the same time thousands of people in the world offered a prayer, love and gratitude to the water in the lake simultaneously. Even local people there said they had never seen any rainbow like that in their lives. In Russia they believe the rainbow is the blessing of God, so when they saw this giant rainbow there was plenty of excitement and some TV companies broadcast it that next day.

In Japan there’s a place called lake Biwa which is the biggest lake in Japan. After offering a prayer and chanting there, the quality of the water really changed and the chemical components changed. Because of that they never had the terrible odour from the lake they used to have.

Q: I read in your book a very nice prayer which I thought was very profound, can you share that with us?
Dr Masaru Emoto: Recently we added one more phrase as we used to have three, the prayer says “water we are sorry, water we thank you, water we love you and water we respect you”, those are the four phrases.
Q: And what is our responsibility to water and what do we need to do to respect water?
Dr Masaru Emoto: I feel very unhappy that we don’t have enough education about water even though it’s the most important thing. I also believe the scientists in the world are not very serious about researching or studying water and that’s why I feel discouraged and disappointed. Learning about water is the most important responsibility we human beings have.
Q: You touched in one of your books about how the planet’s population is growing much faster than the planet can sustain. We’re starting to hear stories that there will be a water crisis soon. Do you have any reactions to that?
Dr Masaru Emoto: I don’t believe we have a water shortage, but we do have an unbalance of water. At one place we have too much water, and in other places they don’t have enough water so balance is the most important thing. As I mentioned water is the mirror of our hearts or mind, all the unbalance we are seeing and experiencing on this planet right now is the result of the unbalance of our human consciousness. The question is, how can we make corrections to this unbalance? It’s pretty simple, people have enough abundance in their consciousness to offer their beautiful consciousness to others. Also people who have abundance in wealth should offer it to people who don’t have enough. As we all know, water always goes down from the higher place to the lower, so money should move in this direction as well from the higher rank people to the people in lower social status. However all the money is being sucked up and up and this is the opposite which is the biggest problem right now in the world.
Q: You spoke about raising our own consciousness, would we do that through meditation and spiritual contemplation in order to bring purity into our hearts?
Dr Masaru Emoto: I don’t believe its very necessary to go into that kind of spiritual discipline or practice, even though people who might not do any meditation or don’t know how to meditate could attain a spiritual level. I’m the best example, I have never experienced any meditation in my life at all and I don’t go through any rigorous practices. In my case I have always been a very curious person. That’s why I studied water and am now getting answers from it. So if you’re curious enough to know the truth you should be able to get this awareness. Specialists say that our DNA is only 3% activated and I believe that we only know 3% of the truth of water, so the knowledge of water in the world and the activation of our DNA is exactly the same – 3% versus 97% unknown or inactivated part. The word genius is a very good example, the word genius includes gene in it, and a person who has activated their genes fully can be a genius.
Q: I grew up studying music and I’m fascinated by the effect different music has on water and subsequently on our own consciousness and our body. Can you touch on that a little bit?

Dr Masaru Emoto: The theory of water retaining information is asking the question, “what is a water crystal?” The answer automatically goes to the theory of vibration as everything vibrates in the world. When we visualise vibration the water crystal is the visualisation of the vibration so any music that we play can give impact onto the water and after receiving this information water can form specific crystals. Our body was originally designed perfectly with the combination of very delicate subtle vibrations, however we can receive very destructive vibrations and information from the outside world that can destroy this beautiful design. So my understanding of beautiful music is that it is the combination of those beautiful vibrations. Beautiful music can be a very good healing tool for our body after being destroyed by negative information or negative vibrations.
Q: Do you have a favourite song or piece of music?
Dr Masaru Emoto: I personally think I’m a very good singer, I love Mozart very much, opera and Italian folk songs. I also like Broadway musicals; I think I’m a very standard type person.
Q: And lastly I noticed you drinking coffee, should we be all drinking eight glasses of water a day?   
Dr Masaru Emoto: Of course, especially my favourite particular water with vibration called, beer.

Dr Emoto is currently touring South Africa. You can catch him on Fri 5 September at Zenatude, Rivonia, 6:30 - 9:30 pm. or on Sun 7 September at Michael Mount Waldorf, Bryanston. 3:00-6:00 pm. Visit for more information.
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