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The Healing Energy of Laying Hands
 The Healing Energy of Laying Hands  Healing intention has been scientifically proven to alter measurable energy fields in the human body. But most people who have healed by laying hands don’t need science to tell them it works.
How the Weakest Can Make You Stronger
How the Weakest Can Make You StrongerHomoeopathy is used by many, reviled by some and understood by very few. But by using diluted substances to stimulate the body to heal itself, insomnia, depression, asthma or just about any disease can be treated.
Better Eyesight Without Glasses
Better Eyesight Without GlassesWilliam H. Bates, M. D. developed the Bates Method, a system for natural vision improvement, in the early 20th Century. After many years of experimental work observing patients who wore glasses he concluded that eyesight could be improved by relaxing the mind and the eyes.
The Reconnection - An Interview with Dr Eric Pearl
The Reconnection - An Interview with Dr Eric PearlInternationally recognised healer Eric Pearl speaks to Ceri Balston about Reconnective Healing, a new spectrum of healing frequencies that he has reportedly used to heal patients with many serious afflications such as cancers, AIDS-related diseases, multiple sclerosis and many more.
Headache Prevention Tips - Traditional Chinese Style
Headache Prevention Tips - Traditional Chinese StyleThese headache prevention tips and natural headache cures come from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a complete, professional medical system that has been practiced continuously for at least 2500 years.
Chromotherapy Healing by Color
Chromotherapy  Healing by ColorChromotherapy is a form of healing based on the principle that all illness is manifested in a disturbed energy field (giving off light), and by the proper application of color to this energy field, a correction can be achieved, and with that correction comes healing.
How to Lose Weight With Hypnosis
How to Lose Weight With HypnosisWe hear a lot about the effectiveness of weight loss hypnosis. There are claims made that it instantly changes the way you think about food and exercise, so you automatically begin to make changes in the way you live that lead to taking off the unwanted pounds. But is there anything to those claims? Here are some scenarios in which you may find this type of treatment to be helpful in your quest for a smaller waistline and a healthier lifestyle.
How Your Asthma Can Help You Heal
How Your Asthma Can Help You HealThe diagnosis of asthma could mean more to you than just putting a name on the inflammatory process occurring in your lungs. As medical science delves deeper into the connection between mind and body, intriguing research is uncovering the connection between asthma and your emotional health.
From Holocaust to Healthcare Revolution
From Holocaust to Healthcare RevolutionOurs is a society that all too readily embraces every fad of preventative health care, from over-the-counter vitamins and herbal supplements to the latest diets. When medical science adds new findings to the business of preventative health care, however, it’s time to pay serious attention. The study of mind-body connection, or psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), is a science that has produced some conclusive results over the past ten years.
Health Benefits of Massage
Health Benefits of MassageMany people look upon massage as an indulgence that is simply not necessary, I have to admit that I enjoy getting a massage but was always wondering if long term massage was good for me. This article is going to reveal some of the key health benefits of massage and debunk the idea that it is a luxury not worth pursuing.
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