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Massage Therapy
Massage TherapyMassage can be stimulating or soothing depending upon the depth of the strokes. It can relieve tension, soothe away headaches, relax taut and aching muscles and banish insomnia. If a child falls or if we have a headache, the first thing we do is rub the spot, we hold a friend's hand in comfort and we stroke our pets – these are all forms of massage or touch therapy.
Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis
HynotherapyHypnotherapy is extremely effective in overcoming all sorts of life debilitating problems such as anxiety, stress, phobias, addiction, weight problems to name a few. But what is hypnotherapy, how does it work and what would you expect when you visited a hypnotherapist?
Aura SomaAura-Soma is a beautifully simple but incredibly powerful, self-selective soul therapy. The practitioner guides the client to explore the underlying cause of their imbalance through an interpretation based on their favourite choices of colour, offering intuitive counselling, emotional release and support for the client.
Metamorphosis Therapy
MetamorphosisEach one of us is good by nature. We are, however, born with residual energy patterns that can manifest in a multitude of ways that impedes us from achieving our full potential. Often, this results from traumatic experiences that we have personally undergone and we are able to intellectualise the effect of these experiences on ourselves.
Illusions of Disease
Illusions DiseaseThere's a great deal of ego invested in the medical community... making the language of disease complicated keeps it out of reach of the public. If diseases were more accurately described we'd all find it easier to treat them. Mike Adams explains.
Crystal Care - A Beginner's Guide
CrystalsYou may have received a crystal as a gift or have dabbled in purchasing your own. If you have little experience with crystals it is likely that you won't know what you need to do in order to care for them. Here's a quick beginner's guide for you.
Pet Therapy
Pet TherapyIt's a well known fact that stroking your cat or petting your dog can relieve anxiety and stress but you might not know that the use of pets in therapy is now becoming widely recognised and used in hospitals, nursing homes and therapists' rooms throughout the world.
Antibacterial Silver
SilverColloidal silver (silver in solution) is a potent antibacterial product which has tremendous medical potential and yet it isn't widely used in modern healing practises. Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger" explores what we can use silver for and why we don't really know too much about it.
What Homeopathy Can Do For You
Homeopathy"What is homeopathy?" If I decided to stand at a street corner in Johannesburg today and asked 50 people this question, I would get 50 very different answers. Sadly, for most people, this amazingly effective, scientifically sound and environmentally friendly system of medicine simply serves as a 'last resort', i.e. something that you try if and when everything else has failed.
Healing with Crystals
CrystalsIt has taken many thousands of years for the knowledge of crystals and their healing powers to be understood. The earliest records of healing with crystals date back to the ancient Egyptians, whilst traditional Chinese medicine and India's Ayurvedic tradition records healing with crystals from about 5,000 years ago.
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