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Gregory Grove   
Monday, 16 October 2006


Reiki is a gentle, natural way of enhancing the body's ability to heal itself. An attuned Reiki practitioner is able to channel this powerful energy by placing his hands on or above various locations of the body. Reiki is intelligent energy and flows to wherever it is needed to accomplish the highest good for the recipient.

Now imagine if all the nurses in all the hospitals were able to channel this wonderful energy. Imagine if each time they entered a ward they were able to beam this life-enhancing energy onto their patients and each time they touched their patients they were able to channel this healing energy for the benefit of their charges.

It has been said that nursing is not only a noble profession but is in fact a calling. Dedicated nurses often work long hours and give of themselves to facilitate healing in their patients. Also, often their emotions become involved and this too can be a drain on their resources.

The common link between Reiki and healthcare professionals is caring and a desire to alleviate suffering.

Various studies have been conducted on the benefits of Reiki in healthcare, and all show tangible benefits when healthcare professionals have been attuned to channel Reiki.

In one study conducted in 1996, a group of nurses were taught Reiki I (Reiki I is concerned mainly with self-healing). Four major themes emerged from this study:

Nurses reported feeling a greater connectedness to their patients and a greater sense of belonging to the whole, of being connected to the universe. They also reported an increased desire to turn all their interactions into healing occasions.

Increased Self-Care
Several of the participants regularly practiced self-healing and others noted that they were taking better care of themselves. All noted that they were receiving benefit from Reiki as were the recipients of their Reiki.

Healing Presence
All participants reported feeling "healing presence" and feeling more mindful when touching with the intention to heal.

Increased Personal Awareness
All participants acknowledged positive changes as a result of learning Reiki - changes in their lifestyle and awareness that Reiki had changed their view of their clinical practice. They also reported a desire to incorporate holistic methods of healing into their practice.

Another study conducted at Spalding University (Louisville) in 2001 also found many benefits of Reiki in healthcare.  Nurses who were also Reiki Masters took part in this study.

The study found that when the nurses administered Reiki to patients prior to an operation, stress levels in the patients were reduced. Reiki administered after an operation reduced pain, healing time and less pain medication was required.
With other patients, Reiki was found to lesson pain and reduced levels of medication were required. Healing was accelerated and patients were able to leave hospital sooner. Control groups showed none of these benefits.

The nurses who took part in the study also reported many other benefits to themselves - feeling calm, grounded, focused. They handled stress and anxiety better and derived great satisfaction from witnessing the benefit of Reiki on those in their care. They also noted that they experienced greater intuition and insight.

These studies (and others) confirm what Reiki practitioners have known for many years: Reiki is a powerful, non-invasive energy that enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself. Reiki can do no harm and always works for the highest good. Best of all, you need no degree to use Reiki, just a desire and intention to heal.

What is heartening about these studies is that the gap between allopathic medicine and alternative medicine seems to be closing. There appears to a growing awareness that there is more to our universe than we can perceive with our five senses.

We are all born with an innate ability to heal - ourselves, others and our environment. All that is required is for a teacher to help us "remember" how to heal and to open our energy channels.

If you would like the full text of the studies cited above, please email me and I will be happy to forward to you the full report.

Gregory Grove is an experienced Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner as well as a certified Life Coach. He is based in Johannesburg. He is passionate about Reiki and conducts regular Reiki workshops from Reiki I up to Reiki Master Teacher level. Learn more about him and the work he does at or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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