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Education Needs to Be Turned on Its Head
Education Needs to Be Turned on Its HeadGoing through the traditional school system was never my favorite thing as a kid, but as a parent, I’ve grown to realize that the whole system is upside down. It's based on the idea that there is a small group of people in authority, who will tell you what to do and what you need to know, and you must not think for yourself, or try to do what you want to do.
Fun Activities For Kids - Exploring Through the Senses
Fun Activities For Kids - Exploring Through the SensesEvery child loves to have fun and there are many things that are fun for kids but at the same time teach them something useful or help them to explore their surroundings. The following activities are interesting, unique ways to help your child of any age to learn about their senses.
Original Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas
Original Handmade Christmas Gift IdeasThere are a lot of good reasons to make your own Christmas gifts. It’s personal, avoids the consumerism frenzy, is better for the environment and it’s cheaper too. Of course, this takes a little thought and planning, but if Christmas isn’t a time for thoughtfulness, then when is? Here are some ideas to get you started.
The Breast Start to Life
The Breast Start to LifeYour sensual organs take on new meaning when baby arrives. The shift from pleasure to providing is a daunting but natural progression in every woman’s life. But the process is worth it, there isn’t a greater, more natural way of bonding with your child than through breastfeeding.
Food Mistakes Parents Make, and How to Fix Them
Food Mistakes Parents Make, and How to Fix ThemThere is a fine line to tread between letting your children eat whatever they want, and forcing them to clean every last Brussels sprout off their plates. Whatever your approach, there are some behaviours that should definitely be avoided outright.
The Wonders of Waterbirths
The Wonders of WaterbirthsA doula and homoeopath, who had a water birth at home when she brought her third son into the world, explains the benefits for any woman looking to give birth in a relaxing and gentle environment.
Your Children are the Guinea Pigs
Your Children are the Guinea PigsThis generation of children is the first to be exposed to such extreme intensities of radio waves from cell phones and other appliances. Research is not moving quickly enough to keep us aware of the impact that this is having. Even so, some studies are now beginning to reveal the damage being done. Here’s how to keep your family safe.
Coping with Sensitive Children
Coping with Sensitive ChildrenSome children are naturally more sensitive than others. Their parents need to find ways to become “emotional coaches” to guide their children through experiences that they find overwhelming.
3 Ways To Keep Children Safe From Household Allergens
3 Ways To Keep Children Safe From Household AllergensResearch shows an increase in the number of children being diagnosed with allergies each year. To help protect your kids from having a strong response to common allergens, here are a few tips to keep in mind.
Schools For Parents?
Schools For Parents?Three hundred and fifty teachers, principals and educators were thinking along similar lines. They were responding to a joke I had made, "It's the parents who influence the children most. They are the ones who need supportive education. We should therefore close the school to the children and open it up for the parents instead."
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