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Born To Be Held
Born To Be HeldModern babies are held as little as 20% of the day due to parents having various gadgets to ‘help’ – we shift them from cot to pram to bouncer to swing-chair to car-seat. All of these devices make a parent's life much more convenient but is it beneficial to the baby?
Bedtime Rituals for Children Eliminate Bedtime Headaches for Parents
Bedtime Rituals for ChildrenSleep problems are a tremendous issue to parents. Nobody informs couples when they are expecting their first baby that “sleeping like a baby” means taking two hours to fall asleep and then waking up every hour and a half.
HypnoBirthing - A Celebration of Life
HypnoBitrthingHypnobirthing has become increasingly popular. The anecdotal stories about it are astonishing and the results of Hypnobirthing consistently show a reduction in the need for chemical pain killers, a reduced length in labours and less fatigue.
Cloth Nappies, Save Money & the Environment
The Environmental, Money-Saving & User-Friendly Benefits of Cloth Nappies95% of mothers consider disposable nappies an essential item. But with growing awareness of their negative environmental impact and advances in cloth nappy technology this is beginning to change.
A Sound Education - The Value of Music in Schools
A Sound Education - The Value of Music in SchoolsIt should be a necessity not only to help and encourage our children to express themselves and have an outlet for emotions and feelings, but to foster creativity which brings about a wholeness in our beings.
Why Should I Eat My Greens?
Why Should I Eat My Greens?Sitting quietly at the dinner table as a child with my parents either end and my brothers and sister scattered around me, I remember dolefully eyeing the overcooked squishy looking pile of vegetables, or greens nestled at the far end of my dinner plate. My siblings were similarly staring at what appeared to be some vegetable alien life-form that was about to mobilise and suck the life out of them!
How Important is Mental Stamina for Your Child?
How Important is Mental Stamina for Your Child?Mental stamina is not necessarily a trait our kids get born with, it needs to be cultivated! It is normal that a child of only 2 years wants to try out many different things and looses interest in stuff at the drop of a hat. That is not specifically indigo, most kids do that and it is a normal phase in their development.
How to Choose a School for Your Child
How to Choose a School for Your ChildI came across a parent once, busy at a table looking through a pile of school brochures and prospectuses. The look on her face told me she was overwhelmed and feeling a bit out of her depth. "But I am not a teacher or an educator, I do not know what to look for. Who can I trust? How can I make a decision?"
Are You Eroding Your Child's Natural Eating Wisdom?
Are You Eroding Your Child's Natural Eating Wisdom?We don't interfere with the majority of our children's body cycles. Do we question or mess with their body when it comes to breathing, or their heart beating? No, we trust it without question, and so do our children. This allows the body to work away, quietly getting on with what it is naturally programmed to do. Yet many of us unwittingly mess with our children's natural eating patterns? Maybe you are 'encouraging' your own children to eat unnaturally without realizing it.
Your Child Loves Movement
Your Child Loves MovementBy now we all know that exercise is one of the best ways to keep weight off. And, while some children might be more active than others, there is no doubt that all children love to run, jump, skip and hop.  It simply doesn't feel right for them to be inactive and yet, as adults, many of us only have to watch them to feel exhausted!
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