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How to Strengthen Your Child's Immune System
How To Stengthen Your Child's Immune SystemWe live in a society where eating harmful foods is the norm. The saddest part is our children's bodies are being bombarded with artificial additives and refined sugars and they are generally not receiving adequate nutritional content in their food. Nutritionist Sue Moore explores how we can change our children's diet to keep them healthy, happy and smiling.
An Indigo Approach to Education
An Indigo Approach to EducationA baby is born with a natural capacity to learn. Within two years, he has learned to walk, to talk, and to wind his grand-parents round his little finger... nobody taught him psychology! He learns by using all his senses: Everything was observed, touched, tasted, and explored. And everybody praised him every time he did something right! Dr Elaine Lee believes this way of learning should continue in school.
Post-Natal Depression
Post Natal DepressionThere is a stigma attached to any form of depression, which makes us feel unsafe opening up and saying what is really going on with us, particularly for mothers. Margaux Needham explores this emotive subject and offers advice to other Post Natal Depression sufferers.
Our Children Are What We Feed Them!
Food ChildAntoinette Barnardo, owner of the health food shop Pure, discusses the frustration that so many mothers experience when trying to get their children to eat healthier foods. She explores some of the reasons behind bad eating habits and suggests some possible solutions.
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