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Do Regular Exercisers Really Benefit by Eating Lots of Bread and Pasta?
Do Regular Exercisers Really Benefit by Eating Lots of Bread and Pasta? - image by nkzs ( are often encouraged to 'carb-load' so that plenty of ready energy will be available during exercise. People downing plates of pasta the day before a marathon is borne out of this theory. However, is carb-loading really necessary for most mere mortals?
Lose Weight by Burning Fat While You Rest
Lose Weight by Burning Fat While You Rest - image by marcos_bh ("Lose weight by burning fat while you rest" sounds like a hype-ridden sales headline - or is it? What if it was true? Studies have begun to reveal the optimum amount of exercise needed to burn fat and the answer is not what you might think.
What is so Good About Pilates?
What is so Good About Pilates? - image by Spanishale ( is so good about Pilates? Well the system introduces you to a unique brand of exercises that focus on the core of your body and helps to improve your flexibility. Pilates can have effects similar to yoga which also provides the body with more flexibility.
5 Simple Yoga Sequences to Reduce Stress at Work
Yoga For Beginners - A Simple Yoga Sequence to Reduce Stress at Work - image by bizior ( you stressed at work? Yoga can bring a sense of relief and balance back into your hectic work schedule. So try this simple 'at your desk' yoga sequence and see what a difference it makes to your energy levels. Hopefully, you will feel energised, alert and more able to focus as you work.
Can Walking Really Keep You Fit?
Can Walking Really Keep You Fit?Many people are reluctant to consider, and some even panic, when hearing the word 'exercise'. But do not worry, we are not suggesting that you join an expensive gym and waste your money and energy there, neither would we ask that you jog or run for hours. All we ask is that you walk.
Stretching Tips For Better Flexibility
 Stretching Tips For Better FlexibilityOften stretching is mentioned by life coaches and gurus as one of the keys to their seeming boundless energy. Stretching also increases flexibility, help reduce the risk of muscle, joint and tendon injuries, and alleviate lower back pain.
The Corporate Athlete
The Corporate AthleteDo you compete in the corporate world while sitting at your desk? Then you are an athlete! I see an athlete as someone that uses their body to compete. But many corporate athletes have forgotten that they need their bodies to work as well as possible in order for them to perform at their highest level… even if they never leave their chair.
Tall, Long & Lifted from the Bottom Up
Tall, Long & Lifted from the Bottom UpHow can you get and stay tall, long and lifted from the bottom up? What might you be lifting to get there? Can it be maintained without a lot of effort? The answers are Easy! Everything! and Absolutely! Let's start by talking about how you stand and how you sit.
Posture Exercises You Can Do Right Now
Posture Exercises You Can Do Right Now“Sit up straight!” is an instruction more easily given than followed. If you’re back is in the habit of slouching, it takes a lot of effort to pull out of this posture that’s detrimental to your health. Certain exercises can help you to improve your posture in six to eight weeks.
Get the Most Out of Stretching
Get the Most Out of StretchingStretching is an essential part of exercise and one that is often neglected. By improving your flexibility, you’ll get the most out of your other workouts, and stretching just feels great, all on its own.
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