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Dance for Joy!
Dance for joy!Jam4Joy took place on Youth Day, and ten different Nia teachers ran dance sessions for two-and-a-half hours to raise money for victims of xenophobia. Harmonious Living’s editor went along to learn what Nia is all about and ended up shaking her booty.
Exercise Speeds Up Weight Loss
Exercise Speeds Up Weight LossMost people join the gym or begin their exercise program with high hopes. Unfortunately, most people give up within six months of starting because they are not getting the results they want. Adding four hour-long exercise sessions per week does not have to be as hard as it sounds.
Confessions of a Gym Junkie
Confessions of a Gym JunkieNowadays, I love going to the gym, but this was not always the case... Using gym equipment can work wonders for your weight loss or fitness program, so before you discard it out of hand, consider these 3 tips for a more positive attitude towards your local gym.
eZee Bikes
eZee BikesIt may seem that electric bikes are the lazy person's approach to exercise but actually the great thing about them is that they encourage you to get back on the bike doing some much needed exercise without all the pain. They're also great for the environment.
5 Exercises For Everyone
5 Exercises For EveryoneIn today’s fast-paced world, finding time for fitness can be difficult. The key to fitting fitness into your busy day is to make it convenient. Here are five simple suggestions.
Why Not Exercise Now?
Why Not Exercise Now?I feel that it is important every now and again to send out this simple message. The weekend can get busy with all of those things that we need to do as well as all those things that clutter our weekend and make us think that they are priorities. Instead of doing what we think is important.
Tai Chi: The Ancient Path to Stress Free Living
Tai Chi: The Ancient Path to Stress Free LivingWhen I began practicing Tai Chi in 1990 the thing that struck me about it was its power or at least the promise of its power and healing benefits. What I went on to witness and discover was that there was nothing mystical or particularly esoteric about the power of Tai Chi it was more just a case of doing it, following Tai Chi’s unique set of principles and just witnessing what arose within me.
Healing Power of Tai Chi
Healing Power of Tai ChiTai Chi is the ancient Chinese system of exercise that strengthens the body and the energy within it. The slow, flowing movements of Tai Chi help to relax the mind and body, while at the same time bringing you a sense of vitality and wellness. Daily practice of Tai Chi has a profound impact not only on the body but also the mind.
How Do You View Exercise?
How Do You View Exercise?How you view exercise is a very important indicator of how often and how hard you will work out. I know that most of the time I really enjoy getting exercise. Of course the fact that I exercise outdoors most of the time is a very important part of the way that I feel about exercise.
Walking Exercise
Walking ExerciseWalking Exercise is one of the most popular and effective ways to start a fitness program so I have a few tips as well as a plan to get you started. I found this program on my wanderings around the internet tucked away where no one was able to use it so I hope it will do good for anyone wanting to get started exercising but not sure where to start.
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