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Nia - Music, Movement and Magic
NiaNia is a fitness art that builds strength, agility, flexibility and grace in the body and mind, bringing about transformation on many levels beyond the physical. By following the Body's Way, people of all ages, fitness levels and exercise backgrounds learn to explore their own bodies and the ways they move.
Tai Chi as a Health Exercise
Tai ChiIn the sporting circle it has long been acknowledged that Tai Chi is suitable for both men and women, old or young, weak or strong, and those suffering from chronic diseases due to the softness, slowness, coherence and harmony of the exercise.
Pose of the Month: Cat Pose - Bidalasana
Cat PoseFor July, the middle of winter, I'm opting to make life easy by choosing Cat Pose. Everything seems harder at this time of year: getting up in the morning, putting on more layers, our commute, staying fit and going to yoga class. The only thing that isn't harder is hibernating.
Pose of the Month: Mountain Pose - Tadasana
TadasanaIn June we look at the basic foundation for our entire yoga practice in Tadasana. This is where our practice begins at this fundamental pose that provides the proper alignment for other standing and also seated poses. The vast majority of us have postural issues so we can all gain from understanding this pose.
Pose of the Month: Warrior I - Virabhadrasana I
WarriorWe return to the Yoga Warrior series in May to examine the bold pose, Warrior I. You will find it in basic as well as advanced yoga classes as this is a pose that you can always find new areas of the body to explore and unfold. This is a challenging pose wherever you are on your yoga journey.
Pose of the Month: Bound Angle Pose - Baddha Konasa
Bound Angle PoseThis is a quietening pose that can ease your physical tightness but also mental angst. It is hard to come out of this pose not having a sense of greater peace and stillness.
Pose of the Month: Camel Pose (Ustrasana)
Camel PoseOpen your heart in the loving month of February and practice the chest opening camel pose. This is a pose that can challenge the advanced yogi as well as the beginner because the journey the front of your body and your spine undertakes is intense whatever your experience in yoga.
Pose of the Month: Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)
Warrior PoseI choose this pose for our first month of 2006 as everything about this pose emulates courage and strength as we gaze forward. It is a pose from Indian mythology of a proud or excellent warrior, who is prepared to face whatever challenges may arise in front of him.
Pose of the Month: Child's Pose (Balasana)
Childs PoseChild's Pose is so named because it resembles the position we often see young children sleeping in. It is a comforting pose and encourages a sense of nurturing and security. This is perfect pose to try during the Christmas break, read more about it.
Biodanza LogoAre you in a chronic state of stress and feeling disconnected from the universe? Re-kindle your joy for life, de-stress and have fun dancing. Biodanza is a movement system that is creative, enjoyable and fun. Participants work towards evoking a chronic state of joy.
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