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Pose of the Month: Tree Pose (Vrksasana)
Tree PoseTried balancing on one leg recently? Standing in tree pose for even one minute is challenging for balance and concentration. Children can balance in this pose by the age of 5, but adults neglect balance and this pose can prove trying.
The Art and Science of Yoga
YogaYoga is a method of consciousness development, which has been studied, researched and practiced for thousands of years on the Indian Subcontinent.
Visualisation - Mind Over Mountain
BikeEver wondered how the world's top cyclists manage to drag their tired and battered bodies around the length and breadth of France during 'Le Tour'? Ceri Balston discovers one of their secrets - visualisation. Using it as an integral part of his training regime he goes on to tackle the imposing mountains of the Pyrénées.
Bikram Yoga
Recently, I went to try a variation of yoga that I hadn't heard of before, Bikram Yoga. Now my perception of yoga was that it involved lots of getting your body into unbelievably contorted positions, which takes years of practise to get into, let alone perfect. I was worried that I would either do myself an injury or look very stupid, or more likely manage to do both at the same time. To my delight I found that this style of yoga would help prevent either of these eventualities from occurring.
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