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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
10 Healthy Habits to Improve Your LifeMost of us know what we should do in order to have a healthy and happy life. Really, for generations people have been told what they can do to improve their overall health and well-being. However, in today’s society, it is easy to forget how to take care of yourself with all of the distractions from work and home life. Here are a few reminders of what you can do to improve your life. If done consistently for three weeks, these healthy tips will become habits that will enrich your life.  

1. Drink water. This one simple thing helps aid digestion and prevents dehydration. Dehydration can cause fatigue. Being tired, most of us reach for caffeinated drinks for a quick jolt but we are actually being counterproductive. Caffeine causes dehydration and after the initial surge of energy a cycle is established where one drinks more caffeine to stay awake but becomes more tired after the effects of this drug have worn off.

2. Get plenty of rest.
We’ve all heard this before from our parents. Getting eight hours of sleep rejuvenates the body. Without it, the body is unable to repair itself. Lack of sleep has been implicated in an increased risk of heart attacks.

3. Eat vegetables. Again, more advice from mom. Vegetables provide much needed fibre and vitamins to the diet. Canned, frozen or fresh vegetables will do the trick, but fresh are best.

4. Eat more fruit. Fruits also provide fibre and vitamins. Many varieties are full of anti-oxidants which help repair the body from environmental stress.

5. Go nuts. Eating nuts, flax seeds or fish help provide healthy oils that may protect the heart from disease.

6. Exercise more. The idea here is not to go out and join a gym. What I’m talking about is more movement. Walks in the neighbourhood, gardening, and playing with the kids are all forms of exercise.

7. Reduce work-related stress. Find ways that will help you perform your job better, quicker and more efficiently. Organise your work space so that job related items are easily accessible.

8. Hug your significant other. Studies have shown that people who are in dedicated
relationships live longer and have a happier outlook on life. Physical contact with a loved one creates good feelings. Hugging your child gives them a feeling of acceptance and assurance. When we receive or give a hug, we all benefit from positive emotions.

9. Get a pet or a plant. Taking care of something other than ourselves helps relieve stress. Petting a dog or cat has been shown to have positive effects on the elderly and special-needs children. You can benefit from this activity, too.

10. Go outside.
So many of us are stuck inside an office building all day or inside our homes. Lack of sunlight has been indicated in depression. Limited outdoor exposure can help boost one’s spirit by reconnecting to the world around us.

Ririan is a student in Bucharest, Romania. He reads books, blogs and websites about productivity, personal development, health, nutrition, leadership and GTD. He hopes that by sharing his own personal experiences that it will help make steps towards creating a better life, day by day, for others. For more of his thoughts visit the Ririan Project on
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