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Don’t Rush That Bikini Body
Don’t Rush That Bikini BodyIt’s that time of the year when those diet pills and potion products start sounding extra alluring.  But don’t be fooled it’s these quick fixes that are the start of our real problems.
How To Keep Good Posture When In Front Of A Computer
How To Keep Good Posture When In Front Of A ComputerToday we are spending more time at computers, an activity through which people's bad posture can affect their overall health. Posture ranks at the top of the list when talking about good health. It is as important as eating right, exercising, getting a good night's sleep and avoiding harmful substances.
Power Napping - Improved Mental And Physical Performance
Power Napping - Improved Mental And Physical PerformanceResearch shows that you can make yourself more alert, reduce stress and improve cognitive functioning with a nap. Mid-day sleep, or a “power nap”, means more patience, less stress, increased learning, better health, better reaction time, more efficiency and also many athletes find a daytime nap further increases their body’s ability to build muscle.
Your Body is Like a Stock Market
Your Body is Like a Stock MarketI’ve recently invested in a course on investing on the stock market.  Well with my passion lying in the area of health and our body – many aspects of it have really made me think.  Your body is just like the stock market – usually in reverse!  Like a stock market graph your scale can go up, down or sideways.
Have You Got the Giraffe Syndrome?
Have You Got the Giraffe Syndrome?Are you one of the millions, so desperate to lose weight, that you’ll try anything and everything?  The Cabbage Soup diet? The “grapes only” detox? The “low carb, high protein” plan? The “milkshake meals”? G5 shocking machines?  Bands to wobble away fat?  Jogging in a plastic suit? Well if so, you’re not alone. We’re trapped in the giraffe syndrome.
27 More Stress Relief Tips
27 More Stress Relief Tips On the heels of last month's list of 25 stress relief tips here is another list of 27 more stress relief tips. Highlights include; delegating responsiblity, don't forget to take a lunch break, do something to improve your appearance and count to 1,000 not just 10!
Coping with Fat Spurts?
Coping with Fat Spurts?There are times in a woman’s life when, without necessarily eating anymore, their body seems to experience a fat spurt:  puberty, pregnancy and menopause.  And even though it’s expected for a woman to gain weight during pregnancy, it often feels very scarey for the body-conscious woman.  Ask me how I know???
25 Stress Relief Tips
25 Stress Relief TipsHere is the first part of a two part stress relief tips to try to help you feel better about things. As you may or may not realize having those little stresses in your life will eventually add up to real health problems unless you are diligent in removing as much stress as possible in your life.
Sleep Deprivation... A Standard Form of Torture
Sleep Deprivation... A Standard Form of TortureSleep deprivation is not like torture - it is a form of torture, a tactic favored by the KGB and the Japanese in PoW camps in World War Two. The British Army was also accused of using sleep deprivation to extract information from suspected IRA members in 1971. Going without sleep is intensely stressful, with unpredictable short and long-term effects. People lose the ability to act and think coherently.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Yoga
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and YogaAlthough medical science has developed greatly and life expectancy has increased many times, the overall health of the population is not necessarily improving. Irregular diet and increased stress have together taken a toll on the health of many people. With our high stress lifestyles and increasing dependence on processed and high fat diets, disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome have affected millions around the world.
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