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Wednesday, 23 September 2009
7 Habits of a WinnerYou've probably heard the saying that success leaves clues. One place that success clues can be found is in the habits that successful people have in common with each other. Here are seven such habits to give you clues to winning the success game in your own life.

Winning Habit Number 1: Accepting Responsibilities For Your Outcomes

Once you start truly, and without exception, accepting total responsibility for where you are in life and for the outcomes you are experiencing, then you have achieved the first step in setting your life in any direction you want it to go.

Winning Habit Number 2: Breaking Through Limitation

Any limitation you have at the moment is only temporary, if you choose it to be temporary. If you commit to the philosophy of constant and never ending improvement and you actually apply that philosophy in your life then you can chip away at any limitation and eventually remove it.

Winning Habit Number 3: Facing the Hard Facts and Finding Solutions to Them

What your reality is now, is what it is now. If you don't want that to continue to be your reality in the future then the first step is to accurately see it as it is. Then, and only then, can you take appropriate actions to change it.

Winning Habit Number 4: Continually Learning and Improving

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this magnificent opportunity that we call life is the opportunity to continually improve ourselves.

Successful people have the habit of improving both their knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge such that their life is enhanced on a daily basis.

Winning Habit Number 5: Taking Goal-Directed Action Every Day.

Successful people develop the habit of taking daily goal-directed action until it is so well ingrained in them that it is as automatic as breathing is.

If you still have to discipline yourself to take daily goal-directed action, or to remind yourself to take daily goal-directed action, then you simply have not been doing it consistently enough to have made it a part of your nature. Stick with it until you reach the point where it becomes impossible to not do it.

Winning Habit Number 6: Recognising, Creating, and Seizing Opportunities

Winners train themselves to become expert opportunity spotters, expert opportunity creators and expert opportunity takers.

Opportunity doesn't come knocking at your door very often but it is always wandering nearby just waiting for you to come out and introduce yourself.

Winning Habit Number 7: Recognising and Managing Your Weaknesses and Risks

Winners do not fear their weaknesses nor do they fear risk. They know that these are simply part of the world we live in. Winners who win consistently have developed good risk management and weakness management skills and they use them daily.

Having sound risk management strategies in place can free up your mind so that you can focus your thoughts, energy and actions on producing profits and success in your life.

Now some questions for you to answer.

How do you score on the seven habits of winners? Are they habits that you already have firmly locked in place, or are they habits that you need to develop and repeat often enough for them to become as automatic for you as breathing is?

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