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Wednesday, 14 October 2009
There were several self help texts and books around many years ago, but these were hidden deep within obscure libraries and unless you had already heard of the author, you really had no chance of finding them on your own.

Nowadays, there is the internet with its millions of websites, discussion forums and mailing lists that with literally one click of a search engine, you can have millions of websites brought before your eyes without you even having to leave your chair. You can find information about the psychology of self help, about the process of self help. You can see stories of individuals who have achieved success through self help techniques and guides – anything you want is there for you to see. So, let me ask you, my friend, what is stopping you from achieving the success you want?

There are some people in life who succeed no matter how many obstacles and hindrances they have in their way. Their house can burn down, they will get another one. Their business may collapse and they can go completely bankrupt, they will get up and start another business. They can lose a leg, they will sign up to run a marathon.

Then there are some people who will fail no matter how many wonderful opportunities they have. The goose that lays the golden eggs could land in their lap and they would cook it and eat it. Why is this? There are many reasons to do with motivation and the ability to spot opportunities and seize them when they come. But another reason is that people who fail have BAD habits. They do not put themselves in the way of success because they have bad habits ingrained into everything that they do.

If you come home every evening and slump in front of the television with a drink instead of doing something energetic like going for a run, or going out to meet friends, then what will you gain? It is very likely that you will not gain much except weight. An important point to note is that those happy, successful people you see on television spend hardly any time sitting watching TV themselves!

If you create an atmosphere of success around you then chances are high that you will attract more success to you. This can be achieved by adopting successful habits and ditching all those bad habits completely. Make a habit of looking after your appearance. If you look like a successful person, then you will feel like one and you will BE one!

Make a habit of doing things which are aimed at success. Learn more about your field by reading for half an hour everyday rather than watching TV. Those little tips you pick up by reading about your subject or reading trade journals could really help you when you least expect it.

Think about your life and how you can stop those bad habits which waste your time and achieve nothing and try to introduce one or two good habits into your life. Read more, or walk more. Take up a hobby which will keep you interested and interesting to others around you. You never know, it could just be the path to success that you are looking for.

Ririan is a student in Bucharest, Romania. He reads books, blogs and websites about productivity, personal development, health, nutrition, leadership and GTD. He hopes that by sharing his own personal experiences that it will help make steps towards creating a better life, day by day, for others. For more of his thoughts visit the Ririan Project on
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