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7 Habits of a Winner
7 Habits of a WinnerYou've probably heard the saying that success leaves clues. One place that success clues can be found is in the habits that successful people have in common with each other. Here are seven such habits to give you clues to winning the success game in your own life.
Do Interesting Things
Do Interesting ThingsWe live in interesting times. We’re blessed that way. The way we work is changing, the way we live has already changed. What will your place be in this new, interesting world? Will you have a voice? Will you be a creator, or just a consumer? Do something. Do something interesting.
Changing Who You Are - It's All in How You Tell the Story
It's All in How You Tell the StoryI choose to think that I'm on an incredible journey. Some moments aren't wonderful-feeling. Heck, some weeks aren't wonderful-feeling! But still, overall my life is something I'm very, very thankful for, and I like telling my story as something that's both funny and adventurous. That's what the "Narrating A Life" tool is all about.
Motivation: A to Z
Motivation: A to ZOne of my favourite quotes from Zig Ziglar is that “motivation is like bathing – recommended once a day”. The premise behind this is quite is simple – motivation is not something that you do once and then forget about it. Here's my A-Z guide to Motivation and Happiness.
Ten Lessons I Learned From the Angels
Ten Lessons I Learned From the Angels'Live with integrity', 'purify your diet', 'there is only now', 'all conflict is inside your mind' and more. Here are ten lessons that author and spiritual doctor of psychology Doreen Virtue has been taught by her angels that have changed her life.
Avoiding Impulse Spending
Avoiding Impulse SpendingWe’ve all been there – standing in a store with a handful of things that you don’t really need. Or you could be the type of person who spends money just to have something to do. Or maybe you shop because you’re hoping to feel better about something. Anyway you cut it – it is impulse spending. Here are a few questions that you can think about, and answer.
Focus – Get Things Done!
Focus – Get Things Done!The no.1 thing preventing us from “Getting Things Done” is focus - we’re not fully concentrating on the task in front of us. This used to be me, but I’m glad to say that I’m slowly changing and shrinking my to-do lists. In fact I now get a whole lot more done in a day than I sometimes did in a week.
Take Lots of Breaks to Get More Done
Take Lots of Breaks to Get More DoneWhat if you could get more done by working less? Everyone wants that, right? But that’s obviously not the way most of us work. We think that in order to get more done and be more productive, we need to increase our effort and time. But the counter-intuitive approach of working less and taking more breaks — gets better results.
How to Save Money: Three Basic Ways to Save Money
How to Save Money: Three Basic Ways to Save MoneyKnowing ways to save money is a primary concern for many people and their families. Learning to save money is not about buying software or books, or taking economics or finance courses.  If you have a problem saving money then you might need to adjust the way you think about money.
Art of Positive Communication!
Art of Positive Communication!Since communication is imperative with us human beings it is important that we practice the art of positive communication in our daily life. By following some basic rules of positive communication, we can indeed spread a lot of good vibes in the spaces that we move around everyday.
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