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The Key Driver of Creative Success
The Key Driver of Creative SuccessWhat drives you to succeed as a creative person? Is it the dream of fame, wealth and recognition? Is the thought of seeing your name up in lights what propels you out of bed in the morning? Having such a strong and clear goal is a definite motivator and, if you work hard and pay your dues, you can absolutely achieve that goal.
How To Select The Right Personal Life Coach
How To Select The Right Personal Life CoachIn life, most things come down to the choices you make and whether or not you learn and/or benefit from them. But not everyone can do this alone. A personal life coach can keep you on track with your goals while monitoring your progress.
Making Stress-Free Decisions By Taking Guided Actions
Making Stress-Free Decisions By Taking Guided ActionsAre you in midlife facing a tough decision right now? Are you asking yourself "What should I do?" So often we are told to take action..."Just DO it", as the famous Nike ads admonish. However, and this is a big however, often taking fast action leads to uncertainty about the action taken.
Top 3 Creative Sinkholes
Top 3 Creative SinkholesIn my conversations with artists, actors, writers, singers and musicians I've noticed a pattern of three 'sinkholes' that suck the creative energy right out of a person.
The Permission to Have Fun Challenge
The Permission to Have Fun ChallengeHere's my challenge to you: I want you to do something between now and midnight tomorrow that makes you feel a little guilty. I want you to be a little bad. I want you to commit a little sin in your own eyes.
Overcoming Self Sabotage and Fear - A 4 Step Process
Overcoming Self Sabotage and Fear - A 4 Step ProcessUnderneath any unwanted self-sabotaging pattern of behavior is fear. These undesirable experiences can include career self-sabotage, any form of addiction, workaholic or shopaholic lifestyles, a series of bad relationships in your personal and professional life and constant financial struggles.
22 Quick and Easy Tips to Immediately Boost Your Confidence
22 Quick and Easy Tips to Immediately Boost Your ConfidenceEverybody could do with a bit more confidence in one or more areas of their lives, whether it’s at work, in a relationship or in meeting new people. And if you want complete and well-rounded success, you have to have boatloads of self-confidence.
Bouncing Back After Setback and Disappointment
Bouncing Back After Setback and DisappointmentBouncing back after setbacks and disappointment can be tough.  You can bounce back faster if you follow three important steps. It starts with acceptance. You need to be able to accept where you are right now. In order for a ball to bounce, it needs something to bounce out of, right? So do you.
The Power of Life Journaling
The Power of Life JournalingThere is no greater self-help tool than the life journal. It can help you identify goals. It can ease emotional pain or grief. It can transport you back in time. The journal is a physical manifestation of the contents within your own mind and heart. Personal Development Coach Tristan Loo discusses how to use this tool in this article.
Are You Living in a “Box”?
Are You Living in a “Box”?Most people today live their lives through a box, relying for their view of the world on the popular media that limits our thoughts and limits our lives through their overwhelming influence. We give up control by inviting the powers of TV, magazines, news, media, marketers and advertising to tell us what to do.
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