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Thursday, 28 January 2010
Persistence is  the Most Important Key to SuccessPersistence means keeping on trying for success no matter what. It means carrying on with your plans even through many failures and discouragement. It may mean carrying on despite the urging and or ridicule of well-meaning “friends” and relatives. It means simply this - never, ever, quit!

No successful person ever obtained his or her success without the quality of persistence. Yes, it is true that luck can and does play a part in some successes but persistence can be thought of as “applied luck”.

It’s easy to see why persistence is so very important. If you have big hopes and dreams for your life persistence is your best friend. It drives you closer and closer to your wants and needs. It is the wind in your sails and the gasoline in your tank. Persistence is the engine that takes your initial plans and drives them from A to Z. Without persistence you may well quit at the first sign of defeat. But having the quality of persistence helps you realise that any defeat is only temporary.

The great inventor Thomas Edison desired to create the world’s first incandescent light bulb. He failed over 10,000 times before he succeeded. What would the world be like today if Edison did not have this magic quality of persistence and had quit on attempt number 100? It would be a very dark world indeed!

Here are some tips on developing persistence so you can achieve your heart’s desires:

Have “Definiteness of Purpose”

Before you can get what you want you have to know what it is that you want. Be specific.  Pretend your life is made to order and you can have whatever it is that you desire. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Having big dreams helps develop “big persistence”!

Have the strongest desires possible

It is much, much, easier to obtain our hopes and dreams if we really, really, want whatever it is. It’s very easy to remain persistence if your desires are so strong that they become a burning obsession. Your strong desires will help build rock-solid persistence. Weak  and/or vague desires only breed the number-one enemy of success - procrastination.

Be enthusiastic

If your desires are specific and you have a burning desire to obtain them you will be very enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is a most important key for developing persistence. When we are enthusiastic, our work is not a chore but a pleasure. Time flies and you wonder where it went. Enthusiasm is definitely a “secret ingredient” to success. Be enthusiastic all the time and not only will you build persistence but also concentration, and a positive mental attitude.

Combine the above steps with belief and a positive mental attitude and you are surely on your way to obtaining your heart’s desires.

Good Luck!

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