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Writing as a Healing Tool in the Grieving Process
Writing as a Healing Tool in the Grieving Process - image by Mattox ( my mother died in the summer of 2004, I felt pain and grief like I had never known before. I then remembered something that my mother had told me when I had to write a paper in high school. She told me to write about what I knew. I realised that I could write and write thoughtfully about my mother. Perhaps this would help.
Think Yourself Well
Think Yourself WellI don’t believe in the germ theory. I believe in the conflict theory. If it were true that germs were the sole cause of illness, we would be sick all the time. Stress and conflict play a major role in whether we are well or sick. When we suffer from aches and pains, chances are you also have pain in your life.
A Smile From the Heart
A Smile From the HeartDoes a smile given or received have any effect on others? One thing we know for sure, when we are giving a smile away it usually means we are in a happy state of mind. When we receive one, no matter what the mood we may be in, it mellows and softens the heart. So what does this mean?
Laughter - Five Easy Tips to Get Your Daily Dose
Laughter - Five Easy Tips to Get Your Daily DoseLaughter is a wonderful activity. With children, it seems to come naturally, but it's not so easy with adults. At some point, we get cautious about our laughter, after all, we are adults and life is something to take seriously. Yet, laughter is essential and it needs to be a regular part of our lives.
Stress and Anxiety
Stress and AnxietyThere is a pretty big difference between stress and anxiety. Stress steps from the pressure that we feel in life. It could be that we are pushed by our work or really any task that puts us under pressure. Anxiety is stress that continues after that stressor is gone. Anxiety is more a feeling of unease.
Happiness is a State of Mind
Happiness is a State of MindIt is a proven fact that people that are happy and have a positive outlook on a daily basis are healthier than those with a negative attitude. A positive attitude can also help you heal faster. A negative outlook on life will cause you to be unhappy. Your unhappiness will cause stress and stress can wreak havoc on your health.
Deep Sleep Found to be Important for Memory Function
 Deep Sleep Found to be Important for Memory FunctionMuch of the sleep research has focused on the relationship between health and quantity of sleep. However, what about sleep quality? In a recent study, shallow sleep was induced in individuals with an average age of 60 to see what effect this had on their brain function, specifically their memories.
Why You Should Sing - Sing A Song!
Why You Should SingStudies show that singing makes you more relaxed and improves mood. So why sing? And why sing out loud? There is no one right answer to this question. However, it seems almost everyone does have an answer to it.
Help Unlock the Power of Your Brain
Help Unlock the Power of Your BrainLike any other part of your body, your brain needs exercise to keep it performing at optimum levels. Even if you spend all day thinking at work, routine challenges can spell the death of grey matter. Try these exercises to give your think tank a workout.
Learn and Love Your Work
Learn and Love Your WorkAn injured man used his ailment to change the course of his life to engage in a far more satisfying career than the one he started out with. His story illustrates six points that you can use to improve your working experience so that it brings more joy into your life.
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