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Busting the Baby Blues
Busting the Baby BluesThe baby books would have you believe that new parenthood is all in soft-focus with pastel colours and benign smiles. So it comes as a rude shock to many that the new routine can be exhausting and depressing. Keeping a few things in mind can help free you from the anxieties of those first few months or even years. 
Body and Mind Working Together for Fertility
Body and Mind Working Together for FertilityOften, it’s when a woman starts trying for a baby that she discovers which things about her body aren’t functioning as well as they should be. Of course, there are ways to address those issues directly, but self-hypnosis can also help to address any underlying mental blocks that could be preventing her from conceiving.
Get Help to Deal With Trauma
Get Help to Deal With TraumaAll too often, after you’ve been through shock or pain, you imagine that your feelings will work themselves out over time. But often you are left with life-long anxieties after a traumatic experience. Instead, you should embrace the tools available to you – trauma counselling can help you to move on from your experience.
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