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Wednesday, 15 April 2009
Natural Skin Care Through Natural Beauty TipsThousands of people spend huge sums of money on skin care products to get that cherished glow on their skin. While all of them are not harmful, there are some cosmetics and skin treatments which can harm your skin as they consist of harmful chemicals. It is better that you start using natural skin treatments from home made beauty products. They are not only skin friendly and safe but are also economical.

The following are some useful tips for natural skin care treatments:

Avocado, rich in enzymes and vitamins can be used to nourish your skin and make it glowing. It is a rich source of aromatic and beatifying oils. You can rub the peel of avocado on your skin to make it oily and shiny. Use the inside of the peel to massage your skin and leave it for around15 minutes. You can also use avocado slices under the eyes and leave it on for 20 minutes to prevent dark circles from taking place.

Banana is a very good moisturizer for your skin as it is rich in potassium. Rub a mashed banana on your skin and face and leave it for around 15 minutes. You can also use banana or honey with oatmeal which serves as an ex-foliating mask to get that soft feel.

Olive oil is also a handy natural skin care ingredient. Apply olive oil while sleeping and use it as a moisturizer for your skin. While bathing, you can put a few drops of oil as well in the water. This acts as a very good ingredient to moisten your skin.

Use an egg yolk mask to get that tight and glowing skin. Beat an egg yolk and soak a cotton ball and then apply it on the skin. Leave it for around 15 minutes and then rinse your skin.

Honey is another great option for oily and blemished skin. Use it on your face, neck and shoulders and leave it on for 15 minutes. Then wash the honey with warm water. You can also use a skin mask from honey mixed with other natural ingredients.

Papaya works great to remove dead flaky skin. The enzymes of the papaya dissolve the dead and damaged skins and help the skin get that extra glow. Apply half mashed papaya on your skin. Leave it for 10 minutes and then and rinse the area.

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