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Fragrant Fascinations
Fragrant FascinationsOur fascination with perfume began thousands of years ago, with the burning of scented plants mixed with gums and resins to create incense that was used for ritual as well as practical purposes.
10 Ways to Get a Good Night's Sleep
10 Ways to Get a Good Night's SleepEvery now and then we all struggle to get a good night’s sleep. For some, it’s a constant problem. Whether you are an occasional insomniac or someone who finds sleep to be perpetually elusive, these ten remedies should be a boon to you.
Make Your Own Natural Sunscreen
Make Your Own Natural SunscreenAlthough there is no such thing as a safe tan, it’s unreasonable to expect people to avoid the sun altogether over the December holidays – but be sure to cover up. If you like to know exactly what goes into what you’re slathering onto your skin throughout the day, why not make this natural sunscreen yourself?
Aromatherapy and Pregnancy
Aromatherapy and PregnancyPregnant women are faced with the challenges of finding their own way through the lists of things that they are and aren’t supposed to do when they’re pregnant. Even some healing and relaxing things like aromatherapy are advised against by conservative advisors. But aromatherapy can be a wonderful stress-reliever for pregnant women, it just needs to be used wisely.
Doctors Told to Curb Use of Ritalin in Hyperactive Children
Doctors Told to Curb Use of Ritalin in Hyperactive ChildrenA new set of British guidelines has stated that children with ADHD should only be treated with Ritalin in severe cases, and never when they are younger than five. This is an important lesson in a world that is quick to label and drug children, when there are many other solutions.
Arnica an Effective Post-Operative Aid
Arnica an Effective Post-Operative AidA recent study has proven arnica’s effectiveness in reducing swelling after surgery, and causing very few side effects. Exciting news for those who have always known that homoeopathy works. 
Why Use HPV Vaccine When Green Tea Works?
Why use HPV Vaccine When Green Tea Works?There has been much talk around the new HPV vaccine, which is being touted as a prevention for cervical cancer. But there are risks associated with the vaccine, and for those with the luxury to attempt alternative approaches, these have proven very successful - without the side effects.
Say Goodbye to Cellulite with Essential Oils
Say Goodbye to Cellulite with Essential OilsWe’re about to return to glorious summer, but one blight on the bikini season is the presence of cellulite on our thighs. Cellulite isn’t about fat itself, but the way the body stores it, and applying essential oils can reduce the orange-peel appearance.
A New Light on Allergies
A New Light on AllergiesWant to stop your children from developing allergic reactions? The solution is simple, if unexpected – fill your house with pets.
Ten Natural Ingredients That Do Wonders For Your Skin
Ten Natural Ingredients That Do Wonders For Your SkinConsider that your skin absorbs 60% of the products you put on it. We bring you a list of ten natural ingredients that cleanse, regenerate and soothe, to ensure that what you put on your face isn’t poisoning your body.
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