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Love's Simple Truths
Love's Simple TruthsWherever and whenever people meet, it is never long before love and relationships – their problems and confusions, their bliss and beauty - is discussed. Love is as essential to us as air; a force that drives us all. It determines who we are, who we become, what we can achieve and, through this, how the world will evolve.
Friendship - The Medicine Of Life
Friendship - The Medicine Of LifeFriendship is an art. A true friend is priceless - someone you can call when you are confused, have a problem, or when you are excited and want to celebrate, someone whose own spirit is lifted by allowing you to share your dreams, worries, fears, confusion, anger, and other emotions.
What Makes Strong and Nurturing Families?
What Makes Strong and Nurturing Families?We spend our lives in relationships, either toxic or nurturing. If the family of origin was not supportive and loving, we either repeat that pattern or look for other mentors and teachers. Can you visualize a closed fist as opposed to an open hand? That is the difference between a closed and dysfunctional group and a learning, sharing and supportive one.
The Most Important Feng Shui Rules for the Bedroom
The Most Important Feng Shui Rules for the BedroomEver wondered what the importance of Feng Shui in your bedroom was and how you can apply its rules to improve your life? Master Sifu shares some of the secrets and rules with us which he says will improve your quality of sleep, bring the spark back into your relationship, and even perhaps attract a new partner.
Cinderella Was Not Saved - She Was a Happy Person All Along!
Cinderella Was Not Saved - She Was a Happy Person All Along!Would the prince have chosen Cinderella to marry if she was a miserable young woman? If her stepsisters were beautiful but miserable, would he have chosen either of them? Are you living under the delusion that when you meet your soul mate you will finally be happy?
The Top 5 Things Couples Argue About
The Top 5 Things Couples Argue AboutAll couples argue from time to time, and, in a general sense, it turns out we're all arguing about the same things. According to relationship psychotherapist Paula Hall, the top five things that couples argue about are (and roughly in this order): Money, Sex, Work, Children, Housework.
Communication: The Key to a Healthy Relationship
Communication: The Key to a Healthy RelationshipSometimes you feel that you are struggling to make yourself understood. At the same time, you might not be being the perfect listener yourself. Communication is a two-way street, and by intentionally introducing these tactics into your life, you’ll become a better listener and communicator.
Relationships and Spiritual Growth
Relationships and Spiritual GrowthRelationships are our most challenging spiritual practice. So often, we have an idealised view of how it is going to be and when we are faced with a different reality, we feel frustrated, confused, hurt and betrayed. Relationships teach us more about ourselves - they are our spiritual teachers.
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