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Thatís Just the Spot!
Thatís just the spot!Jonti Searll, the sensuality guru, tells you how to make that elusive G-spot a little bit more accessible, to help you to enhance and prolong your pleasure!
What happens down there is all up here!
What happens down there is all up here! Modern medicine has a cure for just about every sexual dysfunction, but these don’t change the performance pressures that many men feel. Adjust your thinking take a few health measures, and you might become a bedroom God once more.
Body Image - Unlocking Your Sensuality
Body Image - Unlocking Your SensualityWow – one of the most loaded topics. The wrong word or answer can get your head taken off, destroy or be destroyed, damaged for life. Entire industries prosper on the fact that this is a major concern for so many people in the western world.
Sensual Massage, Touch & Intimacy
HandsThe world of sensual touch offers an endless range of pleasure and possibilities. There is magic in touch, there is comfort, healing, connection, warmth and melting pleasure. Sensual touch puts us right in the present, in our bodies and fully there with our partner.
Expanded Orgasm / Expanded Consciousness
TantraIt has been said by many people in the human growth fields that we don't or won't give up our illnesses and pains because we have nothing to replace them with. They have given us so much self-definition, so firm an identity. But what if we replaced them with pleasure, with ecstasy? The Expanded Orgasm technique is one possibility that can change so much of how we see our bodies, relationships, our lives and ourselves.
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