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Jonti Searll   
Tuesday, 16 August 2005

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'Expanded Orgasm is the art and science of expanding both sensual awareness and consciousness through the giving and receiving of genital stimulation. Expanded Orgasm uses one's own pathways of body, mind, emotion and spirit to create maximum expansion opportunities - the goal and focus being simply to feel as much pleasure potential as possible.' Patricia Taylor, PhD.

The expansion of pleasure that the Expanded Orgasm brings is enormous. A 'traditional' orgasm lasts for +- 30 seconds, but you can be in an orgasmic state for 30 to 40 minutes or even longer! This expansion redefines our perception and experience of pleasure. The purely physical sensation of being in this state for so long simply has to be experienced to be understood. Many people have written and spoken about these feelings but all agree that understanding it can only come from feeling it.

The Expanded Orgasm technique is reasonably simple to learn and with some practice most people become proficient at it. Apart from the specific instruction of the technique it also includes education regarding men and women's genitals. This is so important as few people have this knowledge. The intricacies of women's genitals for example remain a mystery for many men and as a result they are unable to satisfactorily fulfill their partner's sexual needs.

Women find the Expanded Orgasm experience extremely fulfilling, physically and emotionally and often comment on how beautiful it makes them feel.

For men the Expanded Orgasm brings a totally new perspective to the sexual experience. Most men are goal-oriented in a sexual situation, the goal being an orgasm. The wonders of the journey and all the delicious sensations along the way are missed.

The possibilities of Expanded Orgasm for men include orgasm without ejaculation and even multiple orgasms. An orgasm without the ejaculation allows the energy that would have been released to be kept and circulated in the body, giving the man a very different, often deeper and more intense physical experience. It also leads to a feeling of deep emotion, often accompanied by a release of stored and unexpressed feelings.

Couples who have learned this technique comment on the increased intimacy it gives them. New channels of communication are opened; there is a greater interest in sex and sensuality, in sharing and loving.

This technique is also beneficial in helping couples experiencing sexual difficulties including; helping men who suffer from premature ejaculation, assisting them in lasting much longer during lovemaking and helping the many women who find it hard to achieve an orgasm.

Other benefits of Expanded Orgasm are only beginning to be studied but are known to include:

  • Reduction in sympathetic nervous function (adrenaline-like).
  • Increase in parasympathetic nervous function (associated with relaxation and well-being).
  • A release of beneficial hormones and balancing of their levels.
  • A sense of peace, wholeness and well-being.
  • A sense of mental clarity and increased ability to solve problems intuitively and in new ways.
  • Strengthened self-esteem and an increased sense of power and effectiveness in life.
  • A sense of heightened spirituality.
  • And a lot more fun!
    Expanded Orgasm offers a doorway to Expanded Consciousness. We can live with ecstasy everyday. We can grow through joy and sharing. We can have more pleasure than we thought possible. We can be happy, healthy and peaceful.

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