Kievits Kroon Country Estate
Maitre Gajjar   
Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Kievits Kroon Country EstateKievits Kroon Country Estate is located in the serene Kameeldrift Valley, around 10 minutes from Pretoria. It is a beautiful getaway where professionals and guests can completely unwind. The estate boasts a 99-room luxury hotel, 3 restaurants, and the award-winning Spa which we’d come to visit.

Driving into the gates through the tree lined stone driveway is something quite awe-inspiring with the beautiful white cape styled buildings leisurely scattered around. Everything you look at is in pristine condition and immaculate. Even the grass is cut to a perfect golf course length with a bright healthy green that looks almost painted on.

The Spa itself is designed with a calming nature in mind using soothing and relaxing deep colours blending nicely with the decor. The reception is large and immediately induces emotions of well being upon entering. In the center there is a table full of delightful looking treats including cakes and muesli yoghurts, all healthy of course. The purpose of this is so guests can enjoy a healthy snack after or even before their treatments begin to set the decadent and luxurious time awaiting them. This is something we would certainly come back to later!

Kievits Kroon Country EstateSo, after we’d changed into our fashionable gown and slippers we were shown to the “relaxation room” a room full of tranquility, slow melodies playing in background, comfortable lounging chairs and the sound of bubbling water from the beautiful pool seen through the one glass wall. The room radiates with scented oils, with plants and lovely wicker furnishings all around creating a true sense of calm and relaxation. Our minds slowly emptied with any busy thoughts and even time seemed to slow down.

After a relaxing while had passed we were taken to the low lighted, soft, and ever so quiet treatment room. Walking into the room feels like walking into a place far away of complete peace with only the soft soothing music in the background to take our thoughts to other places. I had never imagined the wonder of an Indian head massage until then, the therapists hands seem to work their way inside my mind and take away all the stress and negative emotions that come from a busy city life. Within minutes I was away and drifting in clouds and almost nodding off a few times.

Kievits Kroon Country EstateThe Indian head massage originated over a thousand years ago and was initially used as a skillful technique to strengthen, condition and make the hair seem fuller. Some older generations say it even prolongs the graying of hair. However it’s main benefit is certainly that it does wonders in removing any build-up of stress and tension in the mind and body. I certainly can agree with that, after 30 minutes you are left feeling you could peacefully sleep a hundred years without a worry in the world. I could only ascertain that some magic must have resided in the therapist’s hands.

My partner was treated to the reflexology foot massage, the practice of massaging different reflex areas of the feet, which correspond to specific organs and different parts of the body. By applying pressure to these reflex areas it is said to promote health by the channeling of energetic pathways. You can also ask the therapist to apply more or less pressure so the strength and firmness of the massage can change as you wish.  The pressure is firm though for all those worried about being ticklish as my partner was also. She too after 30 minutes was left almost drifting off into sleep and feeling completely pampered and relaxed.

We thanked our therapists as they quietly left the room to leave us in our relaxed state of mind for a while, upon their return we would be trying the Hot Stone massage. This is a very luxurious treatment that uses smooth heated stones, which are used to massage the body giving a deep relaxation and a release in muscle tightness. The origin of this technique is thought to have come from the Native Americans who used to hot stones warmed by fires to create calm and better moods.

The massage lasted 40 minutes and managed to find and undo plenty of knots we’d built up from everyday life, the stones certainly found any hidden knots that when treated left me feeling brand new so to speak. The stones were at the right temperature so not to feel uncomfortable and once again you can ask for further pressure if needed. We lost all concept of time and felt we’d been in the room for the entire day, this was just what we needed after another long tiring working week. Everything slowed down to a stop and we appreciated the well being of our nurtured back and shoulders, and ever so grateful to the therapists who were truly experts.

The spa offers many diverse treatments including hydrotherapy baths, manicures, pedicures, treatment wraps, various massages and full body exfoliations. Also offered are the decadent winter experiences, Mocha Bliss, Cabernet Delight and Cocoa pleasures, which include luxurious treatments such as the mocha butter full body massage or a chocolate mousse full body wrap. These packages are on offer until 27th August 2009. The choices are endless so the first task is certainly deciding which ones.

And so with our treatments complete and our minds and bodies renewed, we made our way back to the relaxation room to ease down and re-awaken our minds once again to the real world over a ginger and cinnamon tea. We were also treated to a slice of delicious healthy chocolate cake just in case we weren’t pampered enough. We noticed our thoughts and conversations slowed down dramatically after our treatments, which is just what was required to slow down.

If you also have time, I recommend trying out one of the many advanced thermal facilities Kievits Kroon boasts. These include an indoor heated pool, jacuzzis, steam rooms, hydrotherapy baths and an amazing Swiss shower that fires water at you from all around. Any time would be a great time to try these options out but even more so in the cold temperatures of winter. A stint in the steam room warmed up my insides and outsides perfectly making me completely forget how cold it actually was outside.

The person bringing in the creative ideas and broad visions is newly appointed Spa manager Liezel de Ridder. She aspires to create a center of wellness, for the spa to be “teachers of wellness” whilst creating the feeling of one big family. Emphasis will be on leaving clients spiritually uplifted and making them feel beautiful inside and out. Highly experienced and a driven business woman, Liezel is well on her way to taking Kievits Kroon Spa right to the top.  

So it was late evening as we left the spa with the sun saying it’s final goodbyes for the day in the distance, we were leaving completely refreshed, relaxed and most importantly endlessly pampered. We’d like to thank the staff and therapists at Kievits Kroon for a memorable and luxurious time. I would highly recommend a visit for those who would like to unwind, re-discover peace and tranquility inside and out, all the time being thoroughly pampered mind, body, and soul.

Contact details:

Tel: +27 (12) 808 0150
Fax: +27 (12) 808 0148
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Physical address:
Plot 41, Reier Road, Kameeldrift-East, Pretoria

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