Insights that Turn Understanding into Realization
Kari Filippis   
Wednesday, 18 November 2009
Insights that Turn Understanding into Realization There are many things in our life that we don't know about before we get some insight into them. For example, you don't realize the bike will hurt when it runs over your foot until the moment it actually happens. Or that the chances of you actually flying through the air after jumping off the top of your play set are slim to none. Or that water can actually boil away and leave a burnt mess.

Obviously the list goes on and on and applies to many situations throughout our lives. Enlightenment is one of those things.

Enlightenment or 'waking up' is something that happens when you get an insight into something that resonates deep inside of you as the truth and it now becomes your reality instead of just a passing thought through your mind.

This happens all throughout our lifespan. The day you realize that unhealthy relationships are literally a waste of your time and there's so many more fun things you could be doing with your life instead. There's the day that the bad habit just doesn't seem to mean as much to you anymore and you realize that the other side of the habit might be a little greener.

I'm not trying to say that you didn't understand that it was a bad thing or that you actually wanted it in your life but it takes that insight or that special reason that turns it into a realization. Once you realize it then it becomes your truth and really hits home.

A lot of people are moving towards a new type of consciousness which is adding up to be a compassionate and loving unity. One that includes the law of attraction, manifesting, and understanding our universe better among many other things. People are jumping on the boat because they can feel the truth that resonates within them when they hear or read about it.

How many times have you heard an idea over and over but you just didn't let it sink in? And the day that you finally do let it penetrate you can't believe you didn't get it before. It happens all the time for all sorts of things.

But everyone is different and a thought or reasoning that might enlighten someone, does not always have the same effect on someone else. They don't have that same; oh I get it now, moment. It may not be worded properly or they just might not understand or feel it yet. It may also be their fat ego standing in the way.

I've had many people that I've explained my view to with really good reasons to back it up, who insist that I was wrong and they wouldn't even let the possibility in. But after days, months, or years they had the same view or idea from something they heard from someone else or read somewhere else. The way I said it was not the way they could understand it or accept it. That used to drive me nuts but now I get it. It's all on your own time.

If you are a person who is striving to understand and reaching out to find the knowledge and insights that are out there, you will get it. You will see it and understand and be enlightened by it eventually. Keep looking because your answer is right down the street for you to find.

The Enlightenment Course offers insights that will induce you to wake-up to Enlightenment by providing powerful key insights that turn intellectual understanding to realization.

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