How a Colouring Book and Crayons Can Help Dissolve Stress
Karl Allison   
Friday, 05 February 2010
How a Colouring Book and Crayons Can Help Dissolve StressRemember when you used to be a kid, lying on your tummy on the floor, colouring book open, crayon in hand with the other crayons spilling out of the box? Do you remember the sense of peace and enjoyment you felt while you were colouring? Why not consider revisiting this favourite youth hobby to help during those times when you find yourself feeling on edge.

Colouring is one of the best forms of meditation

Picking up a crayon once again can help us reconnect to a feeling of simplicity we have briefly lost.

Now that you're an adult, there are no limits

Not only can you now give yourself authorization to colour outside the lines, you can keep your colouring as easy, or get as classy, as you want.

For less than R100 you should buy a jumbo colouring book and a box of Crayola crayons. There is nothing like the smell of new crayons and getting reacquainted with your favorite colour as well as opening a fresh colouring book and looking through all the chances before choosing your first page to paint.

You may find that you have outgrown crayons and wish to colour using something with a different texture and a different feel. Pencil crayons and felt pens are a reasonable alternative. But you may wish to spend a bit of additional money and try coloured pencils, Conte Crayons, oil pastels, pastels or watercolour pencils.

Also, if you are feeling the requirement to bring some intellectual kick to your colouring time, there are a few colouring books containing illustrations of the anatomy. It is announced, one of the most effective techniques medical students study the intricacies of the human body is by colouring detailed illustrations of various body parts.

To make colouring a true meditative and non secular experience seek out a pre-made mandala design or create your own to paint. Within Buddhism, mandalas are created as holy places which, by their very presence, remind a viewer of the vastness of sanctity in the universe and its potential with in his or her own life. Creating a mandala is claimed to be a very robust and sacred experience.

Think of colouring as a creative quick-fix

We all like to create. However, for many of us, painting and/or drawing is not our forte. And for those that do enjoy painting and/or drawing, infrequently it's tough to spare the time to begin a project. It's a time to experiment with colour and to express your moods with colour in an easy, convenient and cheap way.

Colouring alongside children can be electrifying.

More than just as a stress reliever

Colouring is being used in formal therapeutic settings like eye-hand coordination development and to help heal victims of stress.

Here's another guide on Bob The Builder Colouring Pages

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