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FREE Sleeping Meditation MP3 - Get the Best Night’s Sleep You’ve Ever Had… " ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz ... "
... if only falling asleep was that easy...

Some people seem to be able to fall asleep anywhere, and then they always seem to wake up with smile on their face, like they've been sleeping in a field of daisies... But many of us from time to time experience insomnia and the negative effects it has on our lifestyle.

  • Do you have trouble sleeping...?
  • Do you find it difficult stilling your mind and stopping the constant flow of thoughts and ideas...?
  • Do you find that you often wake up soon after drifting off...?
  • Do you wake up the next morning still feeling tired and drained...?
Discover the true meaning of a good night's sleep...
Ceri Balston from Harmonious Living has created this powerful meditation for you to promote deep and peaceful sleep and to allow you to wake the next morning full of vitality and ready to tackle a new and exciting day.

Download for free from our website and ENJOY RESTFUL SLEEP TONIGHT!

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People have tried and it - this is what they're saying...

“It really does help, thanx. Relaxation definitely does come easier.” - Kaminie

“Wow yes it’s wonderful. I have downloaded it to my cell and listen every night to it AND guess what it works!” - Deon Esterhuizen

“Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! What an amazing meditation! Thank you, what a privilege to have received it!” - Thea Grobler van der Nest (Place of Grace Networks)

“I only downloaded the Sleeping Meditation last night.  All I know is that I was listening to it and then got up with a start when I realised that my laptop was on my bed and I had fallen off to sleep! When my alarm went off this morning, I was in such a deep sleep which was very unusual for me as my sleep normally breaks about 1/2 hour before my alarms goes off! So from that, I can say that the Sleep Meditation does work!!!” - Krishnee

“The sleeping meditation is wonderful!” - Salome

“It really works. I am sleeping more deeply and definitely go to sleep more easily. Thanks a million!” - Gilynne

“I tried the Sleeping Meditation on the 1st night I downloaded it. I transferred it to my mp3 player, and listened to it as I lay down...I fell asleep after about 10 minutes, but I assume this is a good thing, as it would allow the affirmations to enter my subconscious directly. I awoke the next morning feeling energetic and revived, and ready to tackle the day, so thanks... I think it is a great tool!” - Sai

“The Sleeping Meditation has definitely helped me - even if I'm not asleep by the end of it, I am not long after!” - Deborah, Brighton, UK

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